Dead in the Water — Thanks to Go Daddy

I awoke this morning to find my blog editor down and unable to post.  I had three really good things to post, but there was nothing to do.

Eventually, the site came back and so I got busy inputting my stuff.  I then found that while it was down, they changed to program.  It wouldn’t take my post.  Error messages everywhere.  I called, spoke with a very nice young man who was working at Dairy Queen last week, who put me on hold for 27 minutes while he looked into the situation.  When he was done, he knew nothing more than before.  He wanted to know if I would take a survey.  No thank you.

Long story short, I am unable to post what had been previously prepared.  The new program is full of flaws, and there’s nobody at who can help.  They have a lot of policies, all directed at separating a fool from his money.  I am the fool du jour.

Do not use  Not today.  Not tomorrow.  Not ever.  I have regretted the decision every day.

3 comments on “Dead in the Water — Thanks to Go Daddy

  1. SHG

    There are some improvements.  A lot of bugs.  Some dopey mistakes.  And a building full of level 1 tech support that has no clue how to help.  One of their geniuses decided to start putting test posts on my blawg, never realizing that the subscribers and people with feeds are going to get them.  It’s hard enough to get subsrcibers, and I lost a few this morning. 

    They are trying to make their blog comparable to others, but they just do things so poorly.  No notice to users, no beta testing and no training of their support staff.  I plan to address this when I get some free time, and move over to a better program.

    But the worst part is that the posts I wrote never saw the light of day.  I could do them again, but I can only bring myself to write them once.  Then I move on.


  2. Gideon

    Did you select a new theme or something? Things look really different. Or are these all unilateral changes from your host?

    Are you buying server space from them as well as registering the domain with them?

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