Who Needs Starr Jones When We’ve Got Ken

Ken Lammers of CrimLaw is the newest TV star of the blawgosphere.  Sure, he may not look like George Clooney, but then not many of us do.  In his latest iteration, CLTV, Ken brings us a podcast of what’s going on in the practical blawgosphere, and does it with panache.  You go, Ken!

Some of you may think that this is an easy thing to do.  Nah Uh.  Not only has Ken put a great deal of effort into the production values (I love the 911 intro), but it’s not easy getting that folksy, natural atmosphere that makes you just want to convict whenever Ken starts talking.  It’s a gift, and I have no doubt that there’s a cable channel out there somewhere that’s going to snatch him up any day now.  So watch the video now, before he’s a big star doing shoe commercials, and you can say that you knew him “when”.

Click here to see the video that my stinky program can’t make work.   I guess it doesn’t like me.  So get some popcorn and then watch the video.  By the way guys, this is great for date night, so you may want to kick back and have a little bubbly on hand.  Just in case.


On a side note, Ken mentions my little blawg (near the end, after all the important big time blawgs have been exhausted), and dredges up my “Official Woman” post from last summer, about 497 posts ago.  So either Ken doesn’t stop by here too often, or he just didn’t think much of anything I’ve posted since then.  Well, I’ll just have to try harder to get something onto Ken’s radar.

Personal note to Ken:  Horizontal stripes?  Shame on you.

6 comments on “Who Needs Starr Jones When We’ve Got Ken

  1. ken

    All I’ve got is the embed code which can be copied after the video ends by clicking onto the picture of a page with a corner turned. I’d copy it and paste it here, but I think all that would do is put the video here. However, when I look at the source code for your post the embedded code looks different than the code which I get when I copy the code.

    BTW, I’m not really sure how I locked onto the old post, but I do read your blawg at least twice a week (while scanning headlines every day on My Yahoo!). In fact, Simple Justice is so good that I take special steps to read it. For some reason your blawg is toxic to Opera (my browser of choice) so it’s the only thing I use Explorer to read.

    And, ummm, if you’re expecting good fashion sense out of me I’m afraid you will be sorely disappointed. 😉

  2. ken

    The only browser on which the video does not show is Explorer. It shows on Netscape, Opera (‘tho in a wierd place), and Firefox.

  3. SHG

    Are you telling me that after all that work, you picked a program that does NOT work on 97.352% of all browsers? 

  4. ken

    Nope, it works fine when viewed on my blawg in Explorer and a second site I checked it on. Just won’t work with Explorer here for some reason.

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