Return of the Texas Tornado

For those of you who, like me, suffered severe withdrawal while Mark Bennett, the Texas Tornado, jetted across the pond to rile up the locals by doing every Paris  patisserie from Montmartre to Rive droite, and every arrondissement in between, I am happy to announce that he’s back and posting.

I don’t know about you, but I went through righteous withdrawal when Mark went through customs.  And then his jet lagged return.  And then working on his car.  All selfish endeavors, but even Harris County, Texas has to wait sometimes.  What to do when the your moral compass goes on vacation?  Who was going to keep me honest, let me know when I was repeating, or worse yet contradicting, myself (that happens when you get to be my age and suffer from CRS). 

But 2008 is here, and Bennett is back.  Today, you will find 5 new posts, spanning the full panoply of issues of importance, from the personal to Texas to that part of the country outside of Texas that merits mention.  In fact, Mark even  posted about the Columbus topless case that I posted about here, though he apparently wasn’t keeping up with my “alarming” volume of posts since he found out about it from David Feige’s great top ten list yesterday (which made the Huffington Post!).

So all you non-Texas readers (including people from Dallas, which is not really a part of Texas), I urge you to go check out Bennett’s triumphant return to the practical blawgosphere.  And for all you Texas people, no need to tell you about this, since there’s no world outside of Texas for you folks anyway.

2 comments on “Return of the Texas Tornado

  1. Mark Bennett

    Thanks, Scott. More good stuff to come soon. I’m working on the big topics — the evil of government, why judicial review is good (and Ron Paul is bad), and so forth — things that’ll take more than 30 minutes a week.

  2. SHG

    Well it’s great to have you back and I’m looking forward to the big stuff.  We missed you around here.

    Though Kevin tells me anything over 30 minutes is waste. Hehe.

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