Creating a Master List of the Practical Criminal Law Blawgosphere

I asked Austin criminal defense lawyer (who should always be referred to that way, incidentally) to do me a favor.  Being a dinosaur, I have some trouble keeping track of the ever-changing world of the blawgosphere, particularly the criminal law blogs that come and go.  I keep finding new ones that I’ve missed, and it makes me wonder what else I’ve missed out there.

Jamie, being far more experienced in such things than anyone else I know, except possibly Gideon, who already has his hands full keeping up with that tiny slice (40+) of public defender blawgs, picked up the gauntlet and is ready to run.

Please help Jamie

This should enable the criminal law blawgosphere to identify new blawgs more quickly and benefit from the thoughts and ideas that they bring to the conversation.  New blawgs often fly under the radar for a while, and some great content is lost because we just don’t know they’re there.  Bear in mind, just because a blawg is new doesn’t mean the writer isn’t brilliant and doesn’t have great things to offer.

Following up on Jamie’s post, I would like to see every real criminal law blog listed, and a way for new blogs to be added as they enter the blawgosphere, whether because the new blogger knows enough to do so or a reader or long-time blawger sends Jamie the URL.  They can then be organized into groups, like Prosecutor Blawgs, Public Defender Blawgs, Lawprof Blawgs, Texas Blawgs (for obvious reasons, Texas gets its own group).  It would be great to have a brief description of each (self-written perhaps?) to know what its focus is.

I would also like to see blogs that appear to be criminal law, but exist only for self-promotion, identified as such to save everyone the time of looking.  I don’t care for these, and frankly find it disturbing that they exist at all, tend to have the most pretentious names and, in my humble opinion, bring disrepute to the blawgosphere.  So, there should be a blacklist of faux blogs. 

Perhaps the biggest problem with doing a list like this is that it’s never a static event.  This is an unstable world, with blawgs coming and going without fanfare.  How can we make new blawgs aware of its existence?  How can we keep the changes on everyone’s radar?  I don’t know.  But I, for one, would like to have a far better way to keep abreast (no giggling, children) of the criminal blawgosphere. 

If you think this would be a good thing, give Jamie a hand.  And add in your own ideas of how to make this work best.  The practical blawgosphere (name invented by the Texas Tornado, Mark Bennett) is one of the most vibrant places on the internet.  Let’s keep it that way.  Are you with me?