When Did You Stop Bribing Judges? Take 2

Thanks to J-dog, I now have (hopefully) more robust polling software so that we can proceed with the poll started here yesterday which, in short order, failed miserably.  So, let’s try again to find out whether any lawyer has ever been involved in the bribery of a judge. 

Bear in mind, my premise is that while it may happen somewhere (notably in Chicago per Windy), at no time in my 25 years of practice has any member of the judiciary so much as hinted at the interest in a bribe.  But that’s just my experience, and thus the question of whether others have had an experience different than mine.

As before, this poll is for lawyers, not cynical non-lawyers who want to prove that the system is corrupt by skewing the results.  So lawyers, please let me know whether this has ever happened to you.  And bear in mind, this is totally anonymous, so there’s no reason to fear telling the truth.

Have You Ever Bribed a Judge?
Why yes, I have
It’s been “suggested”, but I didn’t do it
It was overtly sought, but I declined
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3 comments on “When Did You Stop Bribing Judges? Take 2

  1. pml

    How about a twist here asking the Judges that read this Blog if they have ever had an attorney offer or make a hint of a bribe?

  2. SHG

    Very interesting idea.  I don’t know how many come judges here, or whether the judges who come would be the sort who might have some info.

    Hey judges, if you think this is a good idea, post an anon comment and let me know.

  3. John Neff

    It seems to me that the go-between is perfectly placed to blackmail the both the judge and the attorney.

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