Sacrificing for One’s Craft

Eric Turkewitz, whose New York Personal Injury Blog was just edged out for the winner of the ABA 100 in the regional category by Dan Harris’ China Law Blog (because they are both so much alike) has taken to consoling himself by reading Craigslist in search of advertisements that will arouse a certain comforting interest.  He found this one.

Actresses needed to have sex with Cops! REALITY SHOW (Flatiron)

Reply to: [email protected]
Date: 2009-01-02, 5:30AM EST

Epileptic/Arson Productions is now casting actresses to participate in a new reality show about off duty NYC cops and their home life. Ideal candidates will be moderately attractive, have no more than 2 kids and 3 previous marriages, be able to take a punch dead in the eye without collapsing immediately and be able to curse like a sailor when their ship is under attack.

The show will focus on how cops act when they are not at work or on the take; their social lives, their loves, their money problems…etc.

Ideal candidates will hail from North Jersey or the outer boroughs of NYC, have only a high school education and have no more than 2 ass crack tattoos.

For more information view this website: COPBAR.TV

Finally, a show with redeeming social value!

Much, however, is left unexplained in this ad.  For example, how many actresses are needed, and how many cops must they have sex with?  It matters, you know.  Then, one must wonder whether the “no more than” related solely to the 2 kids, or similarly to the 3 previous marriages?  Would 4 marriages be over the line?  It matters too.

I would assume that the criteria for an open casting call such as this has been carefully defined to produce highly skilled actresses who will appeal to a broad array of law enforcement officers.  The finest actresses, naturally, are from North Jersey and the outer boroughs.  These guys know their stuff, and this is sure to be one great show.  I wonder if it will be on broadcast television or cable? 

And the big question, will it be hi-def?  I would assume so, since the number of tattoos really wouldn’t matter very much if they were so blurry that they could be easily confused with poor hygiene.

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