The Risky Number 5

When New York Governor David Paterson threw caution to the wind by his vigorous support of legislative approval of same-sex marriage, it caused a bit of a storm.  Was Paterson being bold?  Were the opponents being bold?  Or is this just about the stupidest waste of time anyone could imagine?  I vote for stupid.

The deal is done.  It’s been done for a while already, just as I predicted here

Across the country (and across New York), politicians will put on a show of opposition to appease the moral outrage of their constituents at this assault of their religion’s commandments.  After the rhetoric, New York will legalize gay marriage.  There’s no choice.  There was no possibility that a marriage recognized as such in one state could not be recognized in all.

Consider, what if a gay couple married in Vermont and moved to Kansas?  The implications of unsorting the bundle of rights would be beyond imagination.  What a disaster it would be, for everyone.  Who owned the car they drove there in?  Who was the mommy (daddy?) of the dog?  Don’t even ponder the bank account.  The scenario is just ridiculous.  Gay marriage is here, it queer, get used to it.

When the Iowa Supreme Court broke the middle America ice, the only thing it changed was the timing.  Rather than the slow crawl from right to left, Iowa embarrassed the dustbowl refugees who settled in California and votes in accordance with Mormon advertising.  Seriously, if the good people of Iowa can figure this out, just how long is it going to take before the rest come along?

So David Paterson, unelected leader of the cutting edge State of New York, has finally found a cause worthy of strong support.  A cause that’s a forgone conclusion.  While the upstate dairy farmers, courted by his rifle-toting replacement Senator, will mutter some vague complaints, the largest swathe of New Yorkers will applaud his strength, foresight and boldness.  New York has its fair share of gay citizens, you know.  And a bunch of social liberals as well.

So New York might be the 5th State of the Union to legalize gay marriage (if Nebraska doesn’t jump our bones while the Times is composing its favorable editorial).  Big deal.  It’s not bold.  It’s not cutting edge,  It’s not risky.  It’s a given.  Can we move on already, and let all our gay fellow-citizens learn about the joys of marriage that us heteros have endured for years? 

And if Paterson wants to do something bold, he’ll have to do better than being number 5, long after the deal is done.

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  1. Deborah

    Can we move on already, and let all our gay fellow-citizens learn about the joys of marriage that us heteros have endured for years?

    LOL……and gay marriages will be subject to exploitation in Family Court marital dissolution and custody battles just like heteros feeding the food chain

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