Best Criminal Law Blawg Post of 2009: And The Winner Is…

The nominations for the Best Criminal Law Blawg Post of 2009 demonstrate one thing beyond any doubt, that the criminal law blawgosphere is not merely alive and well, but thriving.  While other neighborhoods in the blawgosphere may feel tired or stagnant, struggling to remember why they write or finding a subject worth the time and effort, the criminal law blawgosphere has produced a huge number of truly exceptional posts, ranging from the humorous, to the practical, to the critical, to the theoretical, to the personal.

Reading the nominated posts, I cannot express the pride I feel to be a part of this community.  The breadth and depth of these posts, and the myriad terrific posts that didn’t make the list, written by many different blawgers from many different perspective, tells me that we are first hitting our stride.  And there is no indication that the criminal law blawgosphere won’t continue to produce excellent content for the foreseeable future. 

My effort to determine the single best post for 2009 was no small feat.  The choices were all terrific, save one that was offered in jest, The nominated posts should serve as a map for anyone interested in learning and appreciating what the criminal law blawgosphere has to offer.  It’s like a “Who’s Who” of criminal law blawgers, and every blawger deserves our attention and appreciation.

After thoroughly vetting the nominations, I arrived at the top five posts of 2009.  In chronological order of publication, they are: 

If you notice that Jeff Gamso from the never-ending source of so many criminal law blawg posts, Ohio, is disproportionately represented, that’s because Jeff’s blawg, Gamso-For The Defense, is, without a doubt and as already noted by Mark Bennett, the best new criminal law blawg of the year.  Jeff arrived quietly and let his writing speak for him, and it has spoken loud and clear. 

For anyone who thinks that there’s no room left in the criminal law blawgosphere, that it’s already filled to capacity with the likes of big names like Bennett, Cernovich, Gideon, Tannebaum and Pattis, let Jeff Gamso be your inspiration for jumping in, offering some brilliant writing and making yourself a valued member of the community.  There is always room for another great criminal law blawg.

And now, for the main event.  In the enormously difficult effort to find one post that distinguished itself from the many great offerings of the criminal law blawgosphere, I focused on one that combined the best attributes, depth of thought, literacy, interest, over-arching issues of deep concern to criminal lawyers, longevity and passion.  The task was nearly impossible, but one post emerged as the clear winner.

The winner of the Best Criminal Law Blawg Post of 2009 is

Gamso – For the Defense: Do They Really Believe This Stuff?

Thank you, Jeff, for your great work and contributions to the criminal law blawgosphere. 

Now get off my lawn.

4 thoughts on “Best Criminal Law Blawg Post of 2009: And The Winner Is…

  1. brian tannebaum

    Jeff is an example of what blogging is really all about – sitting down and expressing your thoughts as they relate to topics of interest. Any young lawyer thinking of building their practice solely on “blogging for profit,” or the bullshit that is SEO, should take a few minutes and read the results of a real lawyer, writing about reality.

  2. SHG

    While it’s certainly true that Jeff is an excellent example of what blawging is all about, so too are you and the authors of all the other blawg posts nominated.

    As those who think that blawging is just another marketing ploy fall by the wayside, those who provide substance will endure.

  3. Jeff Gamso

    I’ve put off commenting all day, trying to think of something suitably witty and self-deprecating.

    I give up. The truth will have to do.

    The truth is that I’m honored and humbled. The nominees were terrific. (I, among others, nominated Bennett’s post on lizards and Pattis’s on 2009 in the trenches.) To be in their company, to belong in the company of all the fine and serious criminal law blawggers (I’m not going to try naming them here since the sure omission of someone would be an insult I absolutely don’t intend) is, well, I’m really at something of a loss for words.

    Thank you.

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