A Good Day To Rob A Bank? (Update)

Dunkin’ Donuts was founded in 1950.  Policing was never the same.

No, occifer, that’s not cocaine.  That’s what’s left of my jelly donut.

Apologies to Dave Granlund and H/T to Ed at Blawgreview.

Update:  And, because there has to be something to show that they’ve faced adversity and survived:

Ever seen a cop frisk a donut?  Me too.  With love.

H/T Karl Mansoor

4 comments on “A Good Day To Rob A Bank? (Update)

  1. Packratt

    I hope Karl can get back to writing his blog and finishes his book soon, I sure do miss his unique insights into police accountability and transparency.

  2. Karl Mansoor

    I appreciate the kind comments and encouragement. I am working on it…just had some life hurdles the last few months however and they needed to be overcome…not to mention the depressing nature of delving into police abuse of authority. I don’t see how Packratt keeps it up.

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