Influences on my iPhone Purchasing Decision

The pressure on me to change from my walkie-talkie size cellphone to the new iPhone 4 has been enormous, nearly unbearable.  I sought, and found, some balance.

Whew.  The feeling passed.

2 comments on “Influences on my iPhone Purchasing Decision

  1. Chops

    Starts a little slow, but after 1 1/2 minutes it gets real funny.

    BTW: Anyone need to know the time? Hold on, I’ll check that out for you on my brand new iPhone. Sorry, for the delay, I just got it and I’m still trying to learn all of the amazing iFeatures. Where is it… News, Music, Videos, Emails, Burger Recipes? Darn, now it’s ringing, hold on a sec…

  2. Luke Gardner

    Just flipping marvelous! Thanks a whole helluva lot Greenfield. Now I can go around hanging my head in embarrassment for having fallen for Apple’s marketing ploys.

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