Attack of the Killer Bubbles

Via Turley, a Toronto police officer demonstrates how a deprived childhood impairs one’s adult sensibilities when it comes to threat perception.

Is that a camo scarf she’s wearing? Just asking. 

11 thoughts on “Attack of the Killer Bubbles

  1. Jerri Lynn Ward

    At times like this, I wish that I could turn into George Carlin or Bill Hicks. I’m becoming convinced that the only way to counter cops like this is to make fun of them and turn them into a household joke. From cops who taze bedridden 86 year old ladies who “assumed an aggressive posture” to this guy, there is plenty of material.

    I agree with Alinsky, humor and parody are effective weapons against the powerful.

  2. SHG

    I wish I had the ability to satirize a video like this.  I’m afraid I’m not up to the task to do more than the video itself does.

  3. Brian Gurwitz

    Note the facial changes shown by the blond officer. She is clearly less bothered by the bubble threat than she is by her recognition that her colleague has a huge stick up his ass. And she didn’t even have on protective glasses like her colleague. Courage.

  4. SHG

    I noticed that as well.  It’s almost as if she’s forcing herself not to break out laughing.

  5. EL

    I know I can’t post a link here, but, as I asked at LBW today, aren’t you at all curious, Scott, what happened during the time period where the “Moments later” piece was spliced in?

    I don’t at all discount the possibility that the moron cop followed through on his threats, I just don’t think we can accept that as what must necessarily have happened based on this incomplete video record.

  6. SeanD

    It’s too bad your reader “An East Coast Cop” is such a teacup – I’d love to see his thoughts on bubble threat management.

  7. SHG

    Minimally, I am, but I accept the fact that I can’t always get what I want, and the exchange between the cop and bubble girl, standing alone, is just too precious.  Even if she wasn’t arrested for bubble blowing, but perhaps had one of those secret Glock bubble wands, it would have been sufficient.

    (Though a secret Glock bubble wand would be way cool)

  8. SHG

    I’m sure he would have argued that this happens all the time.  This time, I would have agreed with him.

  9. Dave W.

    The woman herself claims that the arrest had nothing to do with the bubble blowing and that she wishes the video had not been edited to try to make it appear that way.

  10. Marc D

    When I saw this video for the first time I was struck by the fact that the female cop had an almost amused look on her face and she appeared to be interacting with the woman blowing bubbles. Her demeanor seemed to change drastically and she appeared shocked (maybe embarrassed) when her fellow police officer started berating and threatening arrest if the bubbles continued. I think he must take himself too seriously and is on a power trip.

    Blowing bubbles would seem to me to be a peaceful, non-violent form of protest as opposed to breaking store windows, setting fires and other destructive forms of protest that we too often see at these protests.

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