Some see this video as controversial.  As a survivor of Auschwitz, he can celebrate his survival any damn way he pleases.

I hope this will be seen by every person alive today.  Too many aren’t.  Let him dance.

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  1. Windypundit

    I can understand how this would upset people who lost loved ones in the camps. It’s got to feel a bit like he’s rubbing their faces in it. Of course, this is also a giant “F— you!” to Hitler, a sentiment that’s hard to fault, although it would have been cool if he’d danced at the Führerbunker — dancing on Hitler’s grave in effect. In any case, he gets special dispensation for having been in those camps himself. He’s earned the right to dance wherever he wants.

  2. Dan Hull

    Fuck yeah. And thanks, Scott. Windy–Get off your slave ass and grow a pair some day. Also, read books first. Comment on world history second.

  3. Windypundit

    Dan, I don’t have a clue how your comment relates to anything I wrote. Could you at least explain what bit of history I got wrong? I hate making mistakes.

  4. Josh King

    Controversial? Here’s a guy celebrating that his surviving made those grandchildren possible. Best thing I’ve seen in a while – thanks for sharing, Scott.

  5. Lee

    The only offense I take is to the quality of the dancing. Clearly the dance instructors at the German concentration camps were not of the caliber of the Philippine prisons.

    [Ed Note:  I hope this is just a joke in particularly bad taste.]

  6. Dan Hull

    PS No grave–and certainly not in downtown Berlin. Most likely the remains are (1) near Magdeburg, Germany OR in the Elbe AND (2) a few skull fragments in Moscow.

  7. Windypundit

    Right. So dancing on his grave is impossible, but there appears to be a little park-like area suitable for dancing at the site of the bunker which, while not literally Hitler’s grave, is about as close as we could get, which is why I used the words “in effect.” I just liked the over-Hitler’s-dead-body symbolism of it all.

  8. John Joseph Cascone

    God Bless him and all who spent time there. The thought that he was there expressing the joy of life with his progeny is worth its weight in gold and a giant “in your eye” to the sickos that perpetrate those kinds of beliefs

  9. Dan Hull

    Yeah. I’ve been there. “Cool”. Can’t wait for your next synapse in print. Will alert the media. And if we have another war in Europe, or anywhere, I’ll make sure to get you in my foxhole.

  10. Mark Bennett

    For those who lost loved ones in the camps, when, I wonder, will it not be too soon for the survivors to celebrate their survival? At some point before they all die of old age, I hope.

    If there is a Hell, and if that Hell is efficiently run, this is playing on an endless loop in Hitler’s cell.

    If this guy wants to go urinate on the site of Hitler’s bunker, I’ll pay his airfare.

  11. Dan Hull

    I love the video. But the camps, to me, are a very very serious thing.

    Aside from its childishness and ignorance, the bravado tone and language of above comment was just too flippant, boorish and self-congratulatory, Mark, for me. Disrespectful. That’s all. Again, maybe it’s just me.

    In short, that part of human history is not a “cool” video game or a movie like “The Matrix”.

    We can get more worthy reps to dance “at Hitler”. And I’ll chip in, my friend. Hey, that would be “cool”.

  12. Mark Bennett

    You get the impression I think that part of history is a video game or a movie? Well, I don’t see that (maybe if I’d seen “The Matrix” I’d get the reference), and it’s entirely at odds with my teary emotional reaction to the video (especially, for some reason the portions in front of the Maisel Synagogue), but okay.

    Flippant and boorish are in the eye of the beholder, and I get that a lot, but I don’t see where you get “self-congratulatory” either. Hitler had been defeated 25 years before I was born; I claim nothing to do with it.

    But Hitler was defeated, and I see this video as a record of one human’s own victory over those who would have ended not only his life but his line.

  13. Lee

    Yeah, tastefulness has never been a prerequisite for my jokes. Also, didn’t realize the others were his progeny, which makes this cooler. I’m out of this comment thread though, somebody’s going to pull a gun in here soon.

  14. Jdog

    The one I really feel sorry for is Pat Buchanan, who lost his favorite uncle at Auschwitz — he fell out of a guard tower.

  15. Dan Hull

    I respect Buchanan. And a lot. He just thinks differently than me. (Like he’s an R. I’m a D. )

    But he uses his real name when he works and writes. No cute faggy white trash animal names. Just his name.

    Buchanan has worked 15 times harder than anyone who has commented here. He will be a well-known name in 100 years. I hope he gets richer and richer.

  16. SHG

    Jdog is an old friend here, well known to me (and regulars) as Joel Rosenberg.  I’ve even got a whole post about him.  He’s definitely not a regular at Club Ned.

    And, may I add, that I proudly wear his Twin Cities Carry t-shirt as a reluctant participant.

  17. Dan Hull

    Making lots of sense. It builds up often when I read SI comments. You guys need to get out more, read more, and use your real names. And many of you apparently keep meeting and hanging with the same people–and it shows.

    Greenfield? He needs a discussion–and not a circle jerk with cookie-cutter “liberal” self congrats.

    Finally, I am irreverent if nothing else. But if you are going to be cute with the camps, please have some class.

  18. SHG

    I’m bringing Joel along to our next gathering.  You and him are brothers from a different mother.  Neither of you will even talk to me once I hook the two of you up.

  19. Dan Hull

    Just often Jamesons-driven. Now find yourself some readers who are different than one another. Tell them to keep thumbs out of asses.

  20. Lee

    My last name’s Stonum. Better?

    I don’t “hang” with any of the folks whose blogs I read, but I’d agree to you that it is often a bit of a circle jerk in the comments section here. I’m not sure that taking personal shots at people or riding for Pat Buchanan (who is a despicable human being and I’d be happy to debate that point with you, if you wish) when someone just made a joke is really the solution to that, but I suppose it your perogative.

    Anyway, you weren’t even talking to me, I was just wondering where the animosity came from. If you want to see some different viewpoints expressed here, express them.

  21. Dan Hull

    I liked your post that SHG didn’t, BTW. I had no problem with you.

    But Buchanan is despicable? Lee, that’s why you and others here will never learn or grow much much. You think in stereotypes. Not much risk or growing in that. You will stay small. You guys are just doing each other and tossing dwarfs around. (Dwarf-tossing is a great sport by the way.)

    Also, you are out of your league. Buchanan would charm you you silly and turn you into an R in 30 seconds. He is superior–that’s a good word here–to both of us. You? He would make you stutter and fall apart.

    Why don’t you just write off Disraeli and Bill Buckley? Dude, you can do better than that.

    If you read Scott’s blog much–as I do–you know where my animosity comes from.
    His neighborhood gets more incestuous, petty, small-minded, wanked-out, morally superior, nameless and smug every day. That’s not liberal or cool. It’s just small.

    Both you guys can do better.

  22. Lee

    I know you weren’t taking issue with me, I was really just curious.

    No chance I’m going to agree with you on Buchanan, he’s a pandering bigot and I don’t suffer bigots. If that makes a cookie cutter liberal (I’m anything but), then I guess the cap fits. There’s also probably better examples of charming individuals who I nonetheless find despicable. I met Scalia once, he was funny and disarming. I’d still celebrate his death. I won’t hijack Scott’s post here on this point though, I’m sure we can find other places to disagree and debate the substance of the actual post.

    Ultimately, I think you and I share the same disdain for lemming NPR liberals. I’ve never really sense that either Windy or JDog fit that mold, but your general sentiment about the comment section here is well taken. We can do better.

  23. Dan Hull

    Thanks, fair enough, and give my neighbor for years Nino a second chance. He’s brilliant. He’s funny. He’s short. And he will kick your ass. (And mine.)

    BTW, I have my cookie cutter moments, too.

    Also, as I once told Scott, my politics are a LOT what Justice Thomas’s WOULD have been–if Clarence were actually black.

    By the way, you want to hate someone famous? Try Colin Powell or Clarence Thomas.

  24. Lee

    I’m a fighter, and 30, so I don’t know about the last part, but he is funny, smart and short.

    I can’t hate Clarence Thomas, because despite being wrong about more things than Scalia is, he’s not convincing anyone.

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