This Is Your Brain On Drugs

Not knowing anything more about 21 year old Robert Michelson, it’s impossible to say whether he is a moron or under the influence of a controlled substance.  That said, we teach our children that the way to get answers is to ask questions. 

That doesn’t mean, however, that 911 is the best place to ask. 

What scares me most about this is that Michelson hails from Farmington, Connecticut, close enough that we might have been driving on the same road at the same time at some point.

For future reference, 911 is for emergencies.  It’s 411 for information, though this isn’t really the right place to ask this question either.  Just saying.

One comment on “This Is Your Brain On Drugs

  1. John Burgess Post author

    Absolutely! Clearly, what he needed with the number for his local library’s information desk. Or perhaps a newspaper. Sadly, these resources don’t have nifty three-digit phone numbers.

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