Sunday TSA Movie Matinee

Break out the popcorn.

What’s interesting about this video, and the efforts of these two young journalists, Dan Dicks and Ashley Jessica, is that they had all the “usual” arguments thrown at them, and they fielded them quite well and with calmness and maturity. 

There were some very interesting moments in there, most notably the officer’s off-hand comment that the Germans had a point.  Moreover, this video offers a worthy juxtaposition to Curtis Bob Burns, TSA’s blogger Bob, whose  frontal assault on TSA critic, Amy Alkon, was a disgrace to the agency, government and himself.

What struck me about this video is that it appears they not only made their point, but that they were far more persuasive to the police officers who confronted them than the other way around. I picture the cops going home that night and telling their spouses, “you know, those kids had a point.”

Generally speaking, I’m not a fan of trying to push the envelope by confrontation, as it rarely turns out well and no one’s mind is changed.  Martyrdom isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

But Dan and Ashley did a great job here. It may not be enough to move the world by itself, but one step at a time.  And everyone made it home for dinner that night.

11 comments on “Sunday TSA Movie Matinee

  1. Nigel Declan

    The video on your main blog page is one regarding a police officer beating a bartender, rather than the one below the jump of Dan and Ashley talking to TSA agents.

  2. Bob Mc

    “This video has been removed by user”

    Surprise surprise. Can’t go around embarrassing big brother and expect your video to stay on the net for more than an hour or two.

  3. SHG

    Fortunately, there are alternate sources. Video has been replaced with another version. Let’s see how long they let this one stay up.

  4. BL1Y

    “If you don’t like it, don’t fly.”

    Such a bullshit justification. Don’t like Stop and Frisk? Don’t walk on the sidewalk.

    I’m pretty sure that the freedom to travel unimpeded is precisely that sort of thing the framers had in mind with the 9th Amendment.

    Also, I don’t like it, so I didn’t fly. 700 miles each way, and getting to avoid the TSA made it completely worthwhile.

  5. Christopher Small

    Long time reader, never a commenter. And, while I know you hate these kinds of comments because they don’t supply much to the discussion, I wanted to say thanks for posting this video.

    I’m a criminal defense attorney, and I hate everyday seeing people trampled on by the cops simply because they don’t know their rights and don’t have the will (or, more likely, the surety of what they are saying) to stand up when the cops start to puff out their chests.

    So, thanks. I hope more people read this and take an interest in their rights.

  6. annieoakley

    Until the TSA can setup highway crossing points and stop you at these ‘checkpoints’ and ask for your ‘papers’. This is already being done in Tennessee. And on various passenger trains. (As an experiment) The bigger question is Why do the powers that be want to restrict our right to travel?

  7. SHG

    They don’t want to restrict your travel. They want you to learn compliance with their commands, “for your own safety.”

  8. Kathleen Casey

    Notice the NFTA cop who threw it out about German police state produce-your-ID tactics, “that’s not a bad thing,” also offered advice about body scans, “You don’t like it? Don’t fly.” Compliance is key how true.

    And don’t quote him no history because “I taught American history.”

    A good fit for the job.

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