Domain for Sale

No, not Simple Justice. A really  good one if you want to make oodles of dough on the interwebz

It already comes with tons of really cool, ready-made advertisements. Like this one:

Get it?  And don’t worry, as I’m sure they have releases from all those guys who look swell in orange for the commercial use of their image. Or this one:

It’s got everything. Sex. Ethos. Pathos. And the latest in men’s undergarments. Better grab it. And don’t let that whole ethics thing stand in your way. Forget about those pikers who merely claim to be the best. With a domain like this, you can  own the best defense. Page 1 of Google, here you come!

This is a hot property and somebody is going to make a fortune with this domain. Just throw in a video with a  girl in a bikini and you can order that new Mercedes you’ve been eyeing.

H/T David

8 comments on “Domain for Sale

  1. Nigel Declan

    Well, if it says so on the internet it must be true. I’m pretty sure that there is someone who checks these things and doesn’t let it flow through the tube to my screen if it isn’t accurate.

  2. SHG

    You will have to ask the nice people selling it. But I’m sure they will give you a special deal because, well, you’re special.

  3. Bruce Coulson

    I believe that this is required per the Digital Age update of the Gutenberg Act, which prohibited the publication of any material that wasn’t true (with the exception of entertainment and political speeches).

  4. Erika

    Yes they better have some cool videos because the woman in the bikini concept just doesn’t work for me.

    Yes, i may live near the beach and have the perfect little bikini to wear for the ad, but i wouldn’t be able to promise to get people off without breaking out laughing. Plus, i’m seriously worried that people seeing that ad would think i’m advertising a different kind of service 😉

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