A Woman’s Touch

Women often argue that we would live in a kinder world if only they held the weapons. Not so in Sacramento, given how an unnamed female cop beat an unnamed male, proving that a woman can be every bit as bad a police officer as a man.

The video first appeared on CBS13, and the  Sacramento Bee picked it up from there:

According to a statement from the Sacramento Police Department, the incident began when the suspect entered a nearby store and began speaking unintelligibly. Fearing for her safety, a female employee in the store called 911. When officers responded, the suspect, who had left the store, reentered and attempted to barricade himself inside with the employee.

In the process of extricating him from the store, the suspect became combative and was able to “physically overpower” one of the responding officers, continues the release, thus justifying the need for pepper spray, baton strikes, and additional assistance from other responding officers.

Combative is one of those words that police use that doesn’t mean what you think it does. Shielding one’s face from baton blows? Combative. Using one’s hands to stop a police dog from crushing one’s throat? Combative. Trying to prevent a female officer from beating one to death? Combative. See how that works?

Unfortunately, the unnamed male was combative, by police standards.

Shortly after taking the man into custody, the release states, officers “noticed that he was unresponsive,” at which point he was taken to a hospital and pronounced dead.

Not that they killed him, but that the officers “noticed” that he was dead. They are trained to be observant, you know.  This is the imaginary conversation that ensued.

Hey, Sally, do you notice that this fellow isn’t moving?

Why no, Chet, I hadn’t noticed. But now that you mention it, you’re right.

I wonder why, Sally? He was moving before, when I was holding him on the ground so you could beat him repeatedly with your baton.

Not a clue, Chet. Sometimes, these things happen. He probably had hypertensive heart disease. A lot of men his age die of heart disease, you know.

Yeah, Sally, you’re probably right. He should have paid more attention to his diet.

There is a somewhat natural inclination to draw an analogy between what happened here and what happened to David Sal Silva in Kern County, but to do so would be to ignore two salient details. The first is that the woman who took the video got it into the hands of CBS13 before the police seized it as evidence. The second is that the officer with the baton was a woman, which means the unnamed man died a more gentle death in the hands of the police.

5 comments on “A Woman’s Touch

  1. Marc R

    Pretty sure she was aiming exclusively for his genitals. And, Scott, a heart defect? Obviously the perp was high on crack cocaine, bath salts, pcp, qualudes, and was making gang signs for his accessories to fatally attack the responding LEOs. ME final report: suspect died from acute and chronic cocaine use, despite responding law enforcement’s best efforts to revive and stabilize him.

  2. Steve H

    Yeah, because most people’s genitals reside above their shoulders. Was she just trying to hit him in the neck, because that is what subdues a man best? Is it now normal procedure to repeatedly assault an individual who is not moving, i.e. who is subdued?

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