PSA: Still Time To Sign Up For Advance iPad From The ABA

It’s not your iPad, but your Advanced iPad

Program Description

Few technologies have so quickly and positively affected the legal profession as has the iPad®. Join us for this live iPad® demonstration to learn even more amazing things your iPad can do and how it can benefit your law practice. We’ll cover just a few of the practical iPad® tips and then delve deep in to a discussion and demonstration of legal specific apps and forensic iPad® tools.

And you get 1.5 CLE credits for this.  The program faculty will be:

Adriana Linares, Legal Technology Trainer and Consultant, LawTech Partners, Winter Park, FL

Malcolm Harsch (Moderator), Associate Director, American Bar Association, Chicago, IL
Remember the old days when CLE taught things like cross-examination or ethics?  Or when an association like the ABA drew its speakers from people who could find the courthouse without the GPS on their iPhone?

Heh. Those days are gone. Aren’t you glad we have CLE requirements to make us better lawyers so that we can better serve our clients.  And for those who think I might be too much of a luddite to appreciate the virtues of an iPad, I already learned all about it via this video.

H/T Leo Mulvihill

7 comments on “PSA: Still Time To Sign Up For Advance iPad From The ABA

  1. AP

    I’m thinking of putting together a CLE titled, “The Legal Notepad: More than Just Paper.” I propose to cover topics like:

    What to do when you run our of paper?
    Margin or no margins?
    So you think these things only come in yellow?
    Help! I’ve run out of ink!

    And much much more.

    I’m pretty sure I can get my Law Society to offer up 3 CLE credit hours for this.

  2. SHG

    I would be happy to be on the panel. All you need to do is pay my airfare and hotel, and I’ll bring my own yPad.

  3. Marc R.

    Some of your alternatives are archaic; most of us young lawyers use an iCross these days. The app scours depo transcripts, verified rogs, and produced documents and synthesizes the results with the witnesses’ last utterances on the stand to yield the maximized cx question to ascertain your desired answer. And there’s websites for ethics…

  4. Victor Medina

    So, who makes the lawyer-douchebag decision to use the “®” symbol after iPad?

    And why isn’t in the third use of iPad?

    And, how deep can you “delve” into the “discussion and demonstration of legal specific apps and forensic iPad® tools” (don’t forget the “®”!) in 1.5 hours? Don’t you know this requires a 3-day conference to do right…in Disney World…(damn this no-link policy – I WANT TO PROMOTE MY STUFF!!!!!)


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