Moving Day (Update)

Well, it’s here. Welcome to the new and improved SJ.  A lot of people helped me along the way, and the first thing I need to do is thank them.  TJIC and FritzMuffKnuckle were with me at the beginning of this move, and steered me into this when I was at the point of throwing up my hands with GoDaddy and chucking it all.

Due to some unforeseen twists and turns in the middle, I ended up having to spend a day learning how to create a WordPress blog, and put the barebones of this together. Then my Fresno pal, Rick Horowitz, really banged out a lot of the details that I either couldn’t or didn’t even realize needed banging out. He’s been amazing, and in a couple of days (with a trial pending in the middle), did stuff that not only had to get done, but did it with amazing skill.

It’s that everything is all set. We’re still working out some bugs, some choices, and trying to catch everything up to the point that it’s ready for showtime. It’s not yet. There are some problems caused by GoDaddy’s odd coding which makes posts look weird, whether changing fonts in midpost or adding in multiple blank lines for no reason.

We have a real problem with broken links, because the GoDaddy naming system is different from WordPress, and all the old links, both incoming and internal, now go nowhere. The plan is to redirect them back to the correct post, and Rick is working on that as I type.

There may be missing images. If so, send me an email and I’ll try to add it back in. There may be missing posts. GoDaddy was supposed to export all my old posts, but I already know of one that never made it over and there may be others.

So bear with me on the move. I’ll get the hang of this place eventually. Rick has been a godsend fixing what I can’t. GoDaddy sucks, but they tried to help me to move within their paradigm of hot chicks in tight clothing driving race cars.

As for me, I’m just happy to be out. If anybody has suggestions about the appearance of the new blog, feel free to let me know (but with sufficient detail so I know what you’re talking about). It doesn’t mean I’ll do anything about it, but you never know.

So thanks for hanging in there during the past few months of the GoDaddy disaster, and cut me some slack until I figure out how to get this new place in order.

Update: Thanks for the emails and comments on things to improve. My son tells me SJ looks like I’ve finally updated it to 2002. So it’s not cutting edge, no bells and whistles.

That’s me, old school. And SJ has never tried to be cutting edge. Usable, sure, but never the coolest blawg in town. It’s all about the content for me, so forgive me for losing the last decade in blogoriffic coolness, but at least this one appears when you click on it. That’s a start.

I’ll get to the kinks eventually. As long as you can read SJ, I’m way ahead of the game.

Update 2: Some additional problems that need fixin’ involve the comments on old posts, which we were able to move over here but are no longer threaded because of the way GoDaddy handled comments isn’t the same as WordPress, so they appear linear instead of nested. While this creates a problem, it’s one we aren’t going to be able to fix without manually changing every comment. And nobody, me or Rick, plans to do that much work. So suck it up.

Also, the old posts appear in full on the front page rather than excepted as before. I will manually change this after we’ve fixed a few other problems.

In trying to write some code to redirect old links from GoDaddy to the new posts, with the help of Mark Draughn, WindyPundit, Rick discovered that there was some bad code in there, so it’s not just a process of doing, but of first undoing and then redoing. It kept Rick up half the night last night trying to fix, and he persevered. I don’t deserve the help he’s given me up to now, and there is still a ton left to do.

36 comments on “Moving Day (Update)

  1. David Sugerman

    Looks great. Congrats! I esp love how you replaced crapcha with screening via higher math. You will get whining about that.

  2. Stephen Heath

    ExCopLawStudent has been covering your shift. at least with regard to general topic themes.

    Math – The amount your client promises to pay. by Tuesday minus the number of hamburgers actually consumed in the interim. = ??

    1. ExCop-LawStudent

      I wouldn’t go as far as to say I’ve been covering his shift (Scott has a much more experienced view on legal matters than I do).

      I like the new site. I do miss the threaded comments though.

        1. SHG Post author

          Exactly. We couldn’t get the old comments to nest, which sucks, but comments that are posted here will thread. There just wasn’t any way to make the old ones work.

  3. Required Name

    Happy to see the new place. Looks nice. In fact, you, Mr. Horowitz, Mr. White, Marc Randazza, and Patterico make me want to start my own blog.

  4. Daniel Gershburg

    Looks great, O.M.G. Brian told me there would be some kind of lawyer quiz where I could win some money. I can’t find the link though…

  5. REvers

    Lookin’ good so far!

    I do admit to thinking I was drunk or something when it first appeared on my monitor. It looked the same, but…different. Odd sensation, that.

    Grats on the move.

    And THANKS for not using ReCaptcha!

  6. ppnl

    Wow! Snappy page load time. It had got so bad that I started browsing in a different tab while this page loaded. Can’t do that anymore!

  7. AP

    Well done. Looks great and loads in no time. I also hope that the math questions don’t get any harder than this one.

  8. George B

    Free at Last, Free at Last….

    I hope they didn’t sneak a dead elephant in with your posts; one you only find when it starts stinking…..

    ps: “Math is Hard….”

    1. Rick Horowitz

      There’s got to be one in every crowd.

      Blue me.

      If you knew how hard we’ve worked on this, you’d allow us to change a couple letters in that last sentence.

  9. Tim Cushing

    I’m glad you made it to the other side relatively unscathed. Having to give up blogging because of your (former) host’s neglect would be… criminal.

    [18 USC § 3772 – Things that would really suck ]

  10. Joe Bahgat

    Looks really good Scott. And I empathize with the migration woes. The folks at LexBlog are in the midst of moving my (teenie weenie) blog over to WordPress as we speak. It’s still quite a process. But I digress. I look forward to many more years of cutting edge sarcasm from SJ.

    1. SHG Post author

      Well, Joe, there’s always time for you to hang out the Puddle and learn all the magical marketing secrets to a successful blog. Then you can RICH, RICH, RICH!!!

  11. John Neff

    I would not worry about old comments because they have a very short lifetime. I think is it just great how people have pitched in to help you make this work. Thanks to all.

    1. SHG Post author

      I’ve been overwhelmed by the help and advice others have given me. Just the good wishes are deeply appreciated.

  12. John Burgess

    It looks great and of course the loading time is now within human lifespans. We can live with the inconvenience of bad and broken links to the past. That’s why we have archeologists.

  13. Nigel Declan

    Not only did SJ load in under 2 minutes, but I was actually able to post a comment from my laptop. Well played, Mr. Greenfield

  14. Onlooker

    I’m leaving a comment here as it’s the only way I can see to subscribe by email.

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