But For Video: Mission Accomplished

Going postal used to mean spraying one’s co-workers from a semi-automatic. While that hasn’t happened in a while, it appears that some postal workers are still just as totally nuts as ever. And they’ve figured out that the police are more useful as their cohorts than the guys putting an end to their shooting spree with a well-placed bullet.

From Mission, Kansas, where tolerance, respect and love of family are cherished values, comes the handling of a less than satisfied postal customer.

But the Mission police, not satisfied with having taken down a woman trying to post a parcel, or sticking a digit in a place where there is no comprehensible reason to do so, wasn’t satisfied with itself. Oh no, it was deep in a hole and still had a shovel.

UPDATE 7/8/2013 – The City Attorney for Mission, Kansas–Mr. David Martin– has communicated to our late criminal defense attorney that he would like me to remove my YouTube video of the officers arresting my wife. Should I choose not to remove it, Martin states he has the ability to get a judge to sign a protective order that would force me to take it down. Martin also mentioned some type of diversion if my wife would be willing to release The Mission PD of any liability as they were only responding to the Postal workers call! When all this is over I’m moving. I don’t want to even live near Mission Kansas.

After nearly two months of being told repeatedly by the Mission police that there was no dash-cam video, here it is! It’s a MIRACLE we even got it. The officers in the video are Michelle Pierce & Officer Tim Gift. Special appearance by the bald-headed officer who is NOT named nor even mentioned as being on the scene in the police reports. This officer is the one who was threatening my wife with having CPS take our two youngest daughters away. This could happen to YOUR wife & daughters next if these officers are allowed to get away with this!

Just doing our job, keeping the world safe from terrorists and mothers mailing stuff who get frustrated because the United State Postal Service isn’t the most user-friendly, customer-service oriented, institution around. How many threats can be made to coerce the removal of embarrassing video? My guess is that David Martin he tried to cover his bases pretty darn well, abusing his power in almost every way conceivable.  The only thing he hasn’t done yet is to send the SWAT team in, but there’s still time.

Is it worthwhile going through every wrong that happened here? Probably not. There is little that isn’t facially obvious, and neither Martin, Pierce nor Gift is likely to escape the attention of readers for what they’ve done. And while the victim (or at least her husband) appears to be a bit more focused on his religious fervor than makes me comfortable, it has nothing to do with the wrongs done initially to this mother in a parking lot, nor the efforts made to silence her.

I just thought you should know. Maybe Kansas isn’t as special a place to live as Eric Mayer says?


7 thoughts on “But For Video: Mission Accomplished

  1. Eric L. Mayer

    But for the scene depicted in this video, Kansas is an absolute paradise–the crown jewel of these United States.

    Where else can you view the world’s largest ball of twine? How about touring an underground salt museum? You sure won’t find that in New York, or Florida, or Texas.

    1. Rick Horowitz

      Ha! We have underground gardens here in Fresno!

      As for the protective order this guy mentions, I guess that comes under the heading “for officer safety”? From what? Oh, yes, having the world see just how perverted and ignorant they are.

  2. Jack

    Is there any conceivable legal reason for an officer to jam their fingers inside you roadside? Ever? You would think with that settlement that just went through 2 weeks ago in Texas for the (second) roadside cavity search there, the officers think twice about diddling her… If I remember correctly one of those officers in Texas is now facing criminal charges…

    Kansas gets a +1 over Texas for their censorious thuggery in trying to remove the video from the YouTubes. Though, the cavity search settlement I mentioned above was the second roadside officer fingerbanging in that state, so I guess they are still in the lead.

    1. SHG Post author

      No, I don’t believe there is ever a justification for a roadside cavity check. It is tantamount to rape, and it is absolutely inexcusable.

  3. PaulTheCabDriver

    You know, Americans can probably take a page out of the book of the Russians. For several years now, Russians have been mounting dashboard cameras of their own on their personal vehicles. It keeps the police a lot more honest. If they are going to watch us, then we are going to have to watch them back.
    This may not seem germane to this conversation however, if the woman had not had video of this incident, it would have quickly been swept under the rug.
    Don’t the police realize the amount of wrath they are storing up against themselves?

    1. SHG Post author

      So this whole “but for video” thing doesn’t strike you as having already made this point?

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