The Oh Crap App!

If nothing else, you’ve got to love the name.

While the “advice” may be pedestrian, shut up and be polite, one has to wonder whether a drunk driver is really in a position do much reading, no less thinking.  And should they blow?  Most lawyers say emphatically “no,” but the video doesn’t reveal whether that piece of advice, the most critical question confronting someone stopped for drunk driving, is given.

What the app does provide, and this is every bit as crucial as suggested, is a recording of the interaction uploaded to a secure server.  If it turns out to be nothing, then no loss, but if it turns out that you need a recording of the interaction, you’ve got it. And the cops can’t delete or take it from you should they seize your phone.  This is a great idea.

But note the implied threat: it could put officers “on edge,” and they “might mistake the phone for a weapon.”  That excuse isn’t new, and Carlos Miller at PINAC has a post (video now gone) about police making this claim as they smack a cellphone out of Adam Pringle’s hands.  While there is a right to record police, no cop is going to let that get in the way of the First Rule of Policing.

Of course, the more significant aspect of the implied threat is that if the cop arguably believes you’re armed, he shoots. Yes, it will be recorded. No, it will not prevent a bullet from entering your body.

Ain’t technology marvelous?

H/T Brian Tannebaum

6 comments on “The Oh Crap App!

  1. John Barleycorn

    Oh Crap!

    And here I thought all the drinking, reading and thinking were going so well, I would soon be ready to take the show on the road in the Pontiac LeMans.

    Might have to buy me a new car with one of them there back up/rewind cameras.

  2. Patrick Maupin

    The amateur cops who forget that they are recording themselves when discussing planted drugs will be weeded out, but the ones who are bent on fostering injustice in a serious and professional manner will just have to spend $40 at for the cell jammer pocket model and make sure they have the thing turned on before separating the phone from the victim.

    1. John Barleycorn

      For CHRIST’S sake Patrick this is no place for discussing the demise of being able to find a pencil tip for my soldering iron at Radio Shack when I get in the mood to solder me up a new frog board to put in my Mother’s computer for and old school technology thrill. She will get suspicious if I come over for anything other than a fish fry or to clean out the gutters after the trees start going to seed.
      But, I call Bull Shit! Once or twice perhaps. There is the biter way to dry. Not to mention the fact that when the real shit hits the fan Billy-Clubs are out the door before the foot.

      The “tricky” ones have other “issues” that will surely disrupt the “force” before their crafty intentions distort leap frogging or jamming the God factor of Jesus.

      There is scripture and a tune. But the esteemed host may be pondering just WTF he is doing checking his comment section this afternoon. It is The day after Friday.

      So I will………..not.

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  4. Mike

    WHAT THIS APP IS REALLY FOR! I was abused, and had false felony charges placed against me, I was pulled over [in Texas] for speeding, I had no weapons, no drugs, no alcohol, had not been drinking, had my drivers license current and valid, registration, and insurance, I pulled over and as soon as I hit the oh crap button and contact attorney they ripped me out of my vehicle cuffed me and took me to jail they claim I was trying to evade and resist arrest they found out I recorded them so they put a restriction to where I cannot get my car or my phone. Even then I will find a way to prove my innocence and make sure these cops learn not to abuse their badges I even started a petition to where they have to wear cameras and audio recorders [Ed. Note: Link deleted per rules.]

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