Sunshine Superman

As promised, the winner of the Gerry Spence fringed buckskin coat, Wheeze the People™ has delivered on the pics:


For those who thought the Cobra boots only included heads, note that it was a male cobra.  As for fringed goodness carrying with it the ability to win, win, win, Wheez offers his best argument for the defense:


There is now but one question remaining unanswered: While Gerry Spence may have the coat, the hat and the chops, does he have a Superman jumpsuit?

16 comments on “Sunshine Superman

  1. John Barleycorn

    Long live the Wheeze!

    Qualified immunity parameter level ten.

    May his children go forth and multiply extensively!


  2. Luke Gardner

    I probably shouldn’t admit this lest I wind up on yet another watchlist, but Gerry Spence was my lead legal hero.

  3. Wheeze the People™

    And the blindness of justice was tested and found wanting, perhaps?? . . .

    Though more likely, I lost my motion fairly, based my own damned hubris . . .

    Hey, you live and you learn, and I’ve learned a lot, so there’s that . . .

    But the story of the Spence Jacket and Cobra-head Boots is far from over. Both are now melded into my psyche, forever and always, to remind me of something, what that is, I’m not so sure. Regardless, please be informed that I will periodically adorn my earthly vessel with these fine articles of clothing while photographed in compromising positions, all for your viewing pleasure . . .

      1. Wheeze the People™

        I know, right. I forgot to give ’em the ol’ one-two punch: 1) the sovereign citizen speech, then, and only then; 2) the one-finger salute to justice, which, as I understand it, is recognized in all sovereign jurisdictions and is visible in our own constitution under proper lighting conditions . . .

        1. Wrongway

          Hmm.. if you put it in that perspective ..

          the ‘One Finger Salute’ would be not ‘effective’ but ‘affective’ 100% of the time..

  4. Matthew I

    Having browsed through the submissions at what turned out to be the worst time possible, I now ask that Wheeze’s be amended with some sort of “NSFW” tag. Trying to explain why I was looking at that image was… unpleasant.
    “I was browsing the comments to a law blog! I swear!”
    “Who do you think you’re fooling?”

    1. Wheeze the People™

      The law is neither always pretty nor suitable for work, I’ll grant you that. If you need a certified waiver of obscenity to present to your employer, one can be provided to you at a nominal cost . . .

  5. Wrongway

    I almost wanna get in trouble..

    just to see the judge’s face when that walks in to defend me…

    (for a nominal fee..)

      1. Wheeze the People™

        Hey,now that’s pure speculation. After popping a handful of Viagra and downing a shot of 5-hour ENERGY, I’m good to go . . . for at least five hours, or your money back, guaranteed . . .

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