How To Manage Your Practice (And Not To Be A Major Screw Up)

This is a promo for my buddy, Andrea Cannavina, best known around the Twitters as @LegalTypist, who’s putting on a 4 hour show she calls Put Efficiency Into Practice : How To Organize Any Law Office.

Having had some very enjoyable lunches and discussions with Andrea, she gets it.  Technology is a tool, and like all tools, if chosen wisely and executed properly, it can be put to good and effective use. Or not, if you can’t figure out which is the business end of the hammer.

This is an exclusive and intense 4 hour workshop with legal Virtual Assistant and national speaker Andrea Cannavina who will teach you how to organize the processes, people and technology of your office so the administration and routine business functions are performed as efficiently as possible.

The program will be on Wednesday, October 29th, at the New York City Bar Association, 42 West 44th Street, New York.  This will not be a program about how to become fabulously wealthy working only 4 hours a week, but one about how to avoid becoming a basic screw up, squandering your hard work on the ineffective use of procedures and technology.

This workshop was designed specifically for busy attorneys who need to:

  • get and stay organized
  • perform the client work and business functions of a law firm as efficiently as possible
  • build and/or maintain a credible web presence

If you need this help, Andrea’s the right person to teach you.  And, there might even be a guest appearance from your favorite curmudgeon.  Go to it.

If you want a discount so that Andrea can’t feed her children, use “ScottGNYC.”  Don’t ask me. I didn’t come up with it.