22 thoughts on “Dead Men Walking

    1. SHG Post author

      And the point of an hour’s worth of a green “approved” screen would be what? Please, if you’re going to link to a video, do a better job of it. You really suck at this.

      1. Ehud Gavron

        Yeah… NSR? I had intended … anyway, road to hell and all that.

        RIP David Bowie, and I’ll preview ALL 69 minutes of anything I ever post here again!


    1. Lesley Stevens

      I’m not sure I would have ever come across this if you hadn’t put it up here. Thank you.

      1. John Barleycorn

        You’re welcome.

        He was too young to go.

        I hope his death exposes more people to his work and reminds the middle aged and “older” folks among us that one should never slow down as you never know when your time is gonna come.

        I am sure he had a lot more in him, but he also did a pretty fine job of leaving most of what he had on the field. I will always respect him greatly for that.

        May he rest in peace.

  1. JAB

    Rule 1.6 and gag orders prevent from speaking out on many of your recent posts. But this speaks to the soul. Thanks, Scott, for tipping hat to Bowie. RIP.

      1. the other rob

        I loved all of his nods in the direction of science fiction. As a young man, it was a matter of finding two of my favourite things in one package.

        Incidentally, there’s a very good piece at Reason, on him performing Heroes at the Berlin Wall.

          1. the other rob

            I thought that I had, by not citing the libertarian blog that directed me to the story – evidently I wasn’t as successful as I’d imagined.

            More seriously, I found it somewhat moving and thought that others might too. There was no political agenda behind my mentioning it.

            1. SHG Post author

              …and thought that others might too.

              What a great reason to start a blog, where you can offer your thoughts to others. See how that works?

              Do I really need to explain this for the 10 millionth time?

  2. the other rob

    Apparently some nesting threshold has been reached, meaning that I can’t use “reply” but must post anew,

    So here it is: I assumed that, given the nature of this post, the usual rules would be relaxed and anecdotes, reminiscences, references to other stories and even, dare I say it, war stories, might be permitted.

    I assumed incorrectly and I apologise for my error.

    That said, in the back of a drawer, there’s a t-shirt that he gave me a few decades ago. I think that, come Friday, I might wear it to bowling, in place of the IDF shirt that I usually wear.

    1. SHG Post author

      Cool story, bro. (Just use last “reply” button and the comment will appear unnested at the bottom of the thread.)

      Your t-shirt story sounds like it would have been interesting (how did it happen that Bowie gave you a shirt?), but then bowling. Wonder if Bowie was a bowler? I can’t see it.

      1. the other rob

        I think I get it – while there was no reply button on your comment, due to the nesting threshold, I should have hit the reply button on my own comment, immediately preceding yours. I’ll endeavour to remember that, for future reference.

        The story isn’t really that interesting (but I’ll tell it anyway). When I was a kid, studying for my first degree, I had a side job that was effectively being a day laborer for roadies. It was a sweet gig, involving mildly specialized work that I became quite good at, paying very good money for somebody who was, in essence, an unskilled and inexperienced child and I got to meet no end of rock stars.

        It turned out that Bowie was well aware of the minutiae of how his concerts got put together and apparently felt that even the lowest of the low who worked them deserved something to remember the experience by, so he had a run of t-shirts printed and gave one to each of us.

        As for bowling, I have no idea. In my defence, I’m terrible at it and mainly treat it as an excuse to drink beer.

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