Nine Very Long Years

Nine years ago today, the first post appeared at SJ.  As of today, there have been 7,641 posts (including this one) here. That’s a lot of posts. In internet time, nine years seems like forever.

I never kept count of the number of people I’ve angered, disappointed, infuriated and outraged over the years. On the other hand, some of you have enjoyed SJ and found it somewhat useful.

Either way, I’m still at it. At least for now.

What? You didn’t think it was going to be Revolution 9, did you? That song sucks.

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  1. John Barleycorn

    What was it you said after five years?

    No whining. 

    Something or another about all the posts you wussed out on putting up because they were  inappropriate for one reason or another.

    That your readership will never be able to comprehend the behind-the- blawg-intertube-annoyances,  which is true but still,  and the distant interludes of your blawging peers mood consistency.

    But hey, some four years latter you have put together an uptown crew to keep you amused even if you still wuss out on posting your more inaporately  nourished rants.

    Justice is getting more “simple”  to translate by the day, the earth is still gone, and I think was 4744 after five years, which came in at 2.6 posts a day which is mighty respectable, mood(s) or not. And in the last four you are still at a solid 1.99 per day which must mean you are cranking out inappropriate material to pad the memoirs at an astounding rate.

    If you can master the knuckle-ball you should be getting ready to enter your prime in another year or so.

    Pretty impressive esteemed one…

    Thanks for all the fish.

      1. John Barleycorn

        Never saw the light of day due to their inappropriate nature, I think is how you phrased it at the time.

        Relax, I think mastering the knuckle-ball may free you mind of other unnecessary  conjectures as well.

        And speaking of which, you know that “what” that you can’t see on your side of the screen…?

        What the heck do you think has been floating around at the tailgate parties and why do you figure the cheap seats love to gift season tickets to the young kids?

        It’s not for the anticipation of you finally mastering the unleashing of the inappropriate nature of the knuckle-ball.  It’s for showing the “children”, in real time day after day, the never ending adjustments that need to be made to figure out the merits and limits of the  form and function “justice” puzzel.

        Sonner or later, the way I see it, you are gonna have to let loose with some new theory and procedural tools that you have been working on,  that were previously  “inappropriate”, just to keep the lady with the scales from saying,  “Why even pretend anymore with the blindfold?”.

        But you are a lawyer, so it will probably take you awhile for all this to settle in. You guys can be so fragile when learning how to use an emory board,
        amazing really…

          1. John Barleycorn

            You think so eah? You really do underestimate the magic of transitioning between laminar and turbulent flows don’t you. Must be the lawyer in you.

            P.S. RIP Antonin. Inappropriately or not, what a truly unique occurrence that Antonin’s death, “The People vs. Larry Flynt” winning top honors at the most prestigious Film Festival on the planet, and your blawging anniversary all happening to fall on February the 13th.

            If I were one to abuse my special dispensation I might have to whip out my crystal ball and do some fortune telling in an effort to scare your “cheap seat” readers onto the straight and narrow path, straight into the nurturing arms of Lady Justice. But that would be too easy.

            Cheers Mr. Greenfield! Your efforts here have been an inspiration, and will hopefully continue to be a bedrock example to all those souls out there ready to carry the mortar in a seemingly endless effort to insure that the shores of justice will one day be at peace and in balance with the forces of fortification and the persistence of erosion that will serve her and freedom well into the distant future.

  2. REvers

    You need a TV interview with a cheering section behind you, shouting “NINE MORE YEARS! NINE MORE YEARS!”

    Thanks for hanging in there.

  3. Patrick Maupin

    Today we celebrate the anniversary of the beginning of a long-running, useful, insightful, and entertaining labor of love. The burning questions of the day — the ones that will occupy serious historians well into the next millenium — are these: (1) why would you start such a monumental endeavor on a Tuesday? and (2) Why, of all Tuesdays, the one immediately preceding Valentine’s Day? The sheer audacity is mind-blowing.

      1. Mike G.

        One of my all time favorites.

        Congratulations on nine years. Your writing makes it so even a non-lawyer can understand what point you’re trying to get across.

        1. Billy Bob

          “Non-lawyer!” You’ve got to be kidding me. Do not tell that to too many people. We are in agreement as to the nine years. However, in the Biblical sense, nine years of feast are to be followed by nine years of famine. Let the drum-rolls begin and caissones start rolling along ?!?
          Another newbie. This time, you get off easy.

  4. Tim Cushing

    Congratulations on the nine years and thousands of posts.

    Question: how many years have you been running an Internet Hit Squad using “tech dirt” as your SEO team?

    1. SHG Post author

      Thanks, Judge. I only wish I started a pension plan nine years ago. I would be almost half way to vesting by now.

  5. Jim Tyre

    Nine years? Seems like a long time, dude. But then I realize that I was already well into my fifties when you launched. If only you had started when I was still a young snot lawyer, you might have made me into a much better lawyer.

    Or not.

    Still, congrats! If I may make a suggestion, ever so humbly, the one blog post that more than zero of your readers would like to see is a deep dive into your sick and sordid relationship with Barleycorn. Clearly, he (or she or it) gets special dispensation, your readers cannot help but wonder why. Indeed, there’s talk that Barleycorn is actually Dr. SJ in disguise, which would explain many things. But I try not to focus too much on idle speculation.

    Keep writing, bro!

  6. Eddie Harrington

    Simple Justice has been my first read every morning the last few years. A shame I didn’t discover it sooner. Hopefully you still have 7,000+ more posts left in you. I’ll even buy the book that one day you have to write.

  7. CLS

    Thanks for the posts, the smackings, the lessons, and taking a shot on a guy from the back hills of the Volunteer State’s writing abilities.

    Every morning for me is coffee, tea, and Simple Justice. Wouldn’t have it any other way.

  8. Jamison

    “I never kept count of the number of people I’ve angered, disappointed, infuriated and outraged over the years. On the other hand, some of you have enjoyed SJ and found it somewhat useful.”

    All of the above.

  9. Nigel Declan

    And I, since I can only speak for myself, appreciate you and the work you’ve done. That you have managed to inform and entertain for nine years at an incredibly high level of quality continues to amaze. As long as you keep writing, I’ll keep reading.

  10. Keith

    Happy Birthday, SJ. Thanks for keeping me a more informed, but also for giving me a new appreciation for what I didn’t know. I promise that will be the only tummy rub (till next year).

  11. Kathleen Casey

    It seems to be just as long as it has been. Thank you for all the posts that got me boiling mad before breakfast.

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