Daily Archives: February 28, 2016

? ? ? In The First Degree

It’s hard enough to communicate when many believe with the utmost sincerity that words mean whatever they feel they mean, dictionaries be damned.  But then, the right to individual pronouns is just the beginning of communication insanity. It’s damn near illuminating compared to the bottom of the communication pit, emojis.

And yet, we’ve reached the point where prosecution for threat by emoji is now seen as a viable, indeed, necessary course.

The smiley face, heart, praying hands and other “emoji” have become the way millions of Internet users playfully punctuate their texts, posts and messages, but for one middle schooler the icons brought the police to her door. Continue reading

Help Wanted (Update)

Some young people go out and find jobs, and are appreciative of the opportunity. But most don’t, never having the experience of what it means to work, to work for someone, to take orders, to do things they find “unpleasant,” to earn money that fails to meet their expectations of self-worth.

When they finally enter the workforce, they are shocked to find that they aren’t appreciated in the ways they were told they deserve. Their boss doesn’t respect them like their mommies, or their professors. Their opinions, so valid and respected before, are now worthless and unappreciated.  Their superiors are stupid because they don’t do or think as they feel they should.  They are not merely disappointed, but crushed by the failure of employment to meet their great expectations.

The New York Times, as so many others, sees a connection between the misery of young people entering the workplace with the lack of work experience growing up.  It decries the demise of the summer job. Continue reading