Fault Lines: The Next Generation

We hear you.  We asked for your thoughts, and you’ve been more than generous in providing them.  Thank you.

We share many of the ideas you’ve offered, and with that in mind, we’re ready to bring more writers aboard.  At present, we have Greg Prickett bringing the cop’s perspective to Fault Lines, but we want more. We have Murray Newman and Andrew King bringing the prosecutor’s prospective, and we want more.  We have Judge Richard Kopf bringing the view from the bench (and we anticipate another judge joining us soon), but we still want more.

We want perspectives from all genders, all colors, all political views and all players in criminal law. Too much?  Perhaps, but unlike anywhere else on the internet, we seek to provide all sides of legitimate commentary, because our writers aren’t merely interested and passionate, but the people who actually do the work in the trenches and speak from knowledge and experience.

So yeah, we’re greedy and we want more.   And we’re looking for lawyers, judges and law professors who have the chops to write and the interest to help illuminate the law for others.  You may have been hesitant up to now, wondering whether it was right for you.  Based on the thoughtful reaction we’ve received, the verdict is in. It’s a good thing.

But you don’t know if you’ve got the chops? We can fix that too. We’ve created a new tier to bring significant criminal cases and decisions that might otherwise fly below the radar to light. It will be the perfect way to break into the blawgosphere and build those chops (as well as your confidence and writing skills).  Whether you’re a new lawyer or a law student, you have skills that can be developed. We will mentor you through.  Having desire without experience is no longer an excuse. You are the next generation, and we will help you get there.

Want to contribute to sound criminal law knowledge? We want you. Email me at [email protected]