Short Take: This Land Ain’t Your Land, Dallas Edition

It’s infuriating that some guy is rich enough to fight Dallas over taking his land. infuriating, she says.

Why can’t he be like most people and just give up his land when and as Dallas commands? Did I mention infuriating?

H/T Keith Kaplan, Landowner

27 thoughts on “Short Take: This Land Ain’t Your Land, Dallas Edition

  1. Keith

    For those interested, the background info can be found in this write-up along with the case info for his lawsuit.

    It just gets more infuriating from there.

    1. SHG Post author

      No, no, please feel free to use my comments to provide background for those interested. You know how much I appreciate it when people do that.

  2. Marc Whipple

    It’s like she can’t hear what she’s saying. Especially when she says, “In the end he’ll probably win.”

    Too bad, so sad, you encountered someone who can actually AFFORD justice. My heart bleeds.

    1. SHG Post author

      Rarely will you ever get to watch a government official be so flagrantly tone deaf about its entitlement to private properly.

  3. REvers

    I was depressed today because I discovered that when I went shopping yesterday I forgot to buy bacon for this morning’s breakfast.

    After seeing this, I’m happy again. There are few things more uplifting than seeing a politician being upset with a citizen.

    1. KP

      Ah, if only we were all rich enough to annoy a bureaucrat that much…

      We would ALL be happy!

    1. SHG Post author

      I “caught” Verizon’s contractor digging a trench on my property to lay a telephone cable. They had approval to put it under the street, but it was easier (and cheaper for the contractor, so he could make more money on the job) to cut the corner and trench my property. I stopped them (because I can), and a couple hours later, had a dozen Verizon bigwigs at my home to have a talk. One SVP said to me, “if this happened at my house, I would let them lay the cable across my property because it will help so many people get great telephone service.” Unlike the gal here, she knew she was totally full of shit. She learned, moments later, that I wasn’t buying.

      Was it necessary? It was convenient. They had to pay for the convenience. A lot.

      1. Scott Jacobs

        “She learned, moments later, that I wasn’t buying.”

        What, did you pull a gun, and in your best Clint Eastwood voice tell her to get off your lawn?

        1. SHG Post author

          Did you ever hear the tragedy of Darth Plagueis The Wise? I thought not. It’s not a story the Jedi would tell you. It’s a Sith legend.

          1. Scott Jacobs

            This is the best reply you have ever made to anyone regarding anything, and I want you to be very proud of it.

  4. B. McLeod

    So, if you’re rich enough, you can hold the City of Dallas hostage for years, and end up getting what you want. Isn’t that in the Dallas City Charter?

  5. Allen

    It never crosses her mind that Dallas’ contract letting process might be an issue. It’s going to cost millions, sob, sob… How much is it costing to begin with? Why didn’t you settle with the guy at the beginning and save some money. Because they only appeared to give a damn about the taxpayer when someone stood up to them.

    Is this where we get to tell our cool stories about property line battles? I thought not.

    1. Charles

      That reminds me of this one guy who had a blog. Every time someone tried to tell their super-highly important personal anecdote, he acted like the blog was his property and he would tell the commenter to get their own blog. You’d like him.

  6. Norahc

    It’s almost as if she views Eminent Domain as the City Council’s version of law enforcement civil asset forfeiture…to be used as they see fit and no one may challenge them.

  7. ShallMustMay

    What’s not mentioned in the video, linked news, or comments is how much this is likely costing him in personal time & hard cash. Just as well – we don’t need folks in the upper 5%. Good for Mr. Bennett on the cemetery ‘plot’ move to hold them off.
    Btw- Infuriated to have been judged to suck at math by an application that refused to provide me the equation in the first place.

    1. ShallMustMay

      As long as you & your post stay revelant I’m still dropping by. Mean words don’t scare me off. I do think it’s relevant that this guys life is upturned by some council person – acting on behalf of gov – whose only argument is it’s infuriating. Slippery slopes at it worst or best?

      Captcha today was not working until late – may be associated with your reply button as well.

  8. Rich

    I had to stop watching that. I wanted to throw my shoe at her. What planet does she live on, that she could say those words in public without shame? Planet Gov, that’s what. Infuriating indeed, but not for the reason she thinks.

  9. John Barleycorn

    You didn’t get drunk last night and decide to go all Turkey Turley Click Bait on us now did You?

    Bad, bad way to go….

    1. Billy Bob

      Who wants land in Dallas anyway? It’s hot as blazes in summer and wicked cold in winter. Who needs this sh!t? Just give it to them and move to San Fran or Nu Yawk. Oh, Miami, hi, sorry we forgot about you and your Spanglish constituents. Nice place to visit, but you do not want to live there. They got mad cops in FloorIda. (And a wicked judiciary, trust it. And we do not mean maybe.)

      Can U say,… oh never mind, I’m having a flashback!

      1. Greg Prickett

        The land isn’t actually in Dallas, it is in Henderson County, about 80 miles away. Dallas owns 1/2 of the water in Lake Palestine, but needs a way to get it to Dallas.

        This isn’t the first time that Dallas has lost on an issue like this, and the rural courts are normally not real sympathetic to the big city approach.

        It would have been much better if they tried to work it out by negotiation, but as I’m sure you can tell, that’s not high on their priority list.

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