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Lawblog 2008 a Smash in London

Early reports are in from Lawblog 2008, the monster party of law blawgers from the continent.  Held yesterday evening at The Harp in London, featuring such luminaries of the legal blawgosphere as Geeklawyer and Charon QC, with the ever-lovely Miss Ruthie as the Grand Wazoo.

photos-77.jpgFor most Yank blawgers, the opportunity to spend a few hours with our cross-water co-conspirators is a dream come true.  Not to mention, just the chance to be at the beautiful Harp would be more than most could bear, particularly in contrast to the normal American bastion of blawgospheric meetings, the Cracker Barrel.

Thoughtful conversation and detailed discussion of issues of grave import to the legal world took a back seat to the group’s efforts to ascertain what foreign objects were floating in Geeklawyer’s glass of beer.  It was ultimately determined to be irrelevant, as the detritus disappeared when he took a long, hard swig, apparently forgetting that Ms. Ruthie had earlier spewed in a particularly lady-like fashion following a bad dish of bangers and mash.

dirtyThe American blawgospheric representative was none other than Dan Hull, of What about Clients? fame, who has spent the last month touring European capitals in search of dragons to slay.  Finding none, Dan was readily available to join Miss Ruthie in leading the Antler Dance, performed early in the evening. 

Later that evening, after quaffing a few additional Guinness’s in particularly long necked glasses, Dan requested that the European blawgers observe a minute of silence in memory of the American economy.  All complied except Charon QC, who was so deeply moved by Dan’s solemn demeanor that he locked himself in a small white room to be alone with his thoughts.

The quiet was shattered when Dan had enough of the pall he brought over the room by showing everyone the Seattle version of the client appreciation dance, a little something he was taught by Holden Oliver, and which has since become a Hull McGuire staple whenever there’s a full moon.  Miss Ruthie was not impressed.

All told, a wonderful time was had by all and another momentous effort was achieved in intercontinental blawgospheric relations, bringing us all closer together.

It is hoped that this get-together across the blawgosphere will attract even more blawgers around the world, bringing together their thoughts and ideas on the many and diverse subjects of critical importance in law.  In anticipation of this event growing exponentially, Geeklawyer has booked a larger and perhaps more appropriate venue for September 15, 2009, and sends his heartfelt greetings to all who were unable to attend this year and his wishes that they are able to make it next.

But please note, no spouses allowed, although all massively compatible opposite-sex couples will be entitled to one free nuptial, conducted by Charon QC at no additional charge.

Below, Geeklawyer’s impromptu marriage to @jaffne during a pre-Lawblog planning meeting at Covent Garden (which apparently isn’t a garden at all) was captured on film, and is now being used for promotional purposes by Charon QC in his new side-business as Yenta.  Contrary to earlier reports, Miss Ruthie was not at all jealous, but in fact quite relieved.


*  Images used in this post are for dramatic effect only, and do not reflect actual dancing skills of any individual named herein.  No animals were hurt during filming, except for the sacrifice of one goat during Geeklawyer’s marriage to @jaffne, and the goat asked for it.