News Around the Blawgosphere

Mike Cernovich has returned to revive Crime & Federalism.  Apparently, there was some truth to the rumor that Mike’s unexpected hiatus from blogging was just to mess with Norm Pattis’ head, so that Mike could take over as Chief Curmudgeon. Mike’s explains,  “I was so lame.”  No you weren’t, but we can’t wait to see what you’ve got to say now that the gloves are off. 

Lisa Solomon at  The Billable Hour has launched a great new way to waste yet more time in your otherwise busy day, by watching the funniest of lawyer moments at   The Video Venue.  I’ve added it to the sidebar here (though only the criminal law pieces so that you would be able to get some work done instead of spending all day watching lawyer stuff.  Go visit Lisa and see what else is available, and if you need gift to give those smiling lawyers in your life who send you work, check out The Billable Hour (which may soon be renamed “The Flat Fee” given the impending demise of the former) for fun and appropriate lawyer gifts.

Young Shawn Matlock, Republican, has not been seen recently around the Blawgosphere, making some wonder whether the rumors that  he’s in rehab are true.  They are not.   He simply used up all of his allotted words, and has since gone to Iowa to assist Mike Huckabee in explaining his thoughts on the subject of Mormons.

Head conspirator, Eugene Volokh, has announced that his blog was the lead vote-getter in the ABA Blawg 100, Ivory Tower category.  He writes, “Query what that means, but we’ll take it.”  Uh, no.  You posted about it. To take it, you didn’t have to do anything. 

Meanwhile, at Overlawyered, where they ran a desperate last minute plea for votes in the ABA Blawg 100 Beauty Pageant, lost.

Simple Justice came in 6th out of a field of 10 in the Crime Time category.  Woo hoo!