A Real American Hero Outside the RNC

There have been numerous videos posted following the Democratic and Republican National Conventions showing the treatment of Americans exercising their right to free speech and association under the Constitution.  Some have shown some questionable conduct by protesters.  Most have shown some ugly conduct by police.  But none have shown the fortitude of this one young woman.

The word “hero” is used with such frequency that it’s become nearly meaningless.  When cops actually do the job they are trained and paid to do, they’re called heroes.  When people survive tragedy, they’re called heroes.  The word has been cheapened, but that doesn’t mean that there are no heroes left.

The young woman in this video is a hero

This is bravery.  This is fortitude.  This is integrity.  In the manner of Gandhi or King, she stood firm.  Watch as the police “heroes” push their bicycles against her, gas her, shove her to the ground.  See how they serve and protect us from the likes of one young woman?  Aren’t we filled with pride in our cops?

This is the willingness to suffer, and suffer again, for the right reasons.  This is one of the most moving videos that I’ve seen in a long time, and I’ve seen quite a few.  She is an unnamed, 21 year old woman from Madison.  That’s all I know about her, except that she’s a hero.   I hope you feel the same.

H/T Joel Rosenberg.  I’ve tried to embed the video in this post, but my skills fell far short.  If anybody can help with this, I would greatly appreciate it.

12 thoughts on “A Real American Hero Outside the RNC

  1. Joel Rosenberg

    The pravda on this one is already being spun, by the way; see http://www.shotinthedark.info/wp/?p=3268#comments . According to one fellow, who appears to be a young MPD cop, she was “tagged” for throwing smoke grenades back at the cops, and somehow, while standing in the middle of a busy street, was blocking over a dozen cops from pursuing another group. (I didn’t read an explanation for why, if pursuing a group was advisable, it would have been a challenge to leave one cop behind to arrest and handcuff a young girl, if that, too, was necessary or advisable. I dunno. Maybe they thought she was a zombie, or something, and everybody knows you need a squad to handle a zombie.)

    I don’t make this stuff up, you know; when I write fantasy fiction, I try to keep it credible. Pride of workmanship, and all.

  2. Joel Rosenberg

    I think we’re seeing — in at least some cases — is a new tech in creative storytelling to avoid the Patrick Pogan Problem. I think I’ll have an essay up on that at my own place, sooner or later.

  3. Badtux

    Joel, obviously you’re just some bleeding heart liberal to think that our brave police officers could ever, ever testi-lie.

    Okay, so I’m having trouble maintaining a straight face at the notion of Joel Rosenberg, liberal. Heh. But you see stories like this, that’s the usual response of authoritarian types. “If you don’t agree with the conduct of our brave peace officers, you are some liberal activist type and should get the same treatment!” Sadly, these authoritarian types seem to be the majority nowdays. For example, people are outraged at the defense attorney of Eric Cherry for, err, offering a defense (no matter that it’s a ludicrous defense because the facts of the case are pretty open and shut), apparently thinking that Mr. Cherry should just be strung up from the nearest oak tree without the benefit of that ooky “trial” thingy that they don’t understand.

    At one time high school students had to take a class called “Civics” about how government was supposed to work, the rights and responsibilities of citizens, and so forth. That alas seems to have gone the same way as classical proof-based Geometry, either watered down to non-existence or just not offered at all. Otherwise Americans would understand that even total thugs are accorded a defense under our Constitution, and that police officers operating as judge, jury, and (potentially) executioner are not an American value. Sad. Just sad.

  4. Karl Mansoor

    Here is the You Tube version which should allow you to embed:

    I saw the video a few days ago. Basically it makes me want to see the involved officers – no wait,they no longer deserve to be called officers – bullies, thugs, criminals get charged with assault and fired and to see any administrators supporting the actions fired.

  5. Joel Rosenberg

    I’m going to be watching this with interest. (With more interest, I’m guessing, when I’m able to find out who she is.) Over at my friend Mitch’s place, we’ve got a very  creative explanation for what the cops were doing* when they beat and sprayed the crap out of her, as well as fair amount of self-pity about how “courts are awful at charging criminals, especially when cops are the target.”

    ‘Scuse me. I’ve got to go reread Mark Twain’s “The Damned Human Race,” again.
    * It was a favor to her, so she wouldn’t get a police record, you see . . .

  6. SHG

    Very imaginative indeed.  And the reason they were slamming her with bicycle tires was that they are made of soft rubber, and tried their best not to cause her physical injury.  Yeah, that’s the ticket.

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