Book Review: The Emergency Sasquatch Ordinance

Before jumping into my review, two points must be made. First, I have been an admirer of Kevin Underhill’s work at Lowering the Bar for as long as I’ve been part of the blawgosphere.  In other words, I’m biased.  Second, he did not send me a cupcake with the book, despite my admonition that he do so to assure a positive review.  I really could have used the cupcake.

I started reading The Emergency Sasquatch Ordinance by Kevin Underhill, published by ABA Books, on the train into the City. It was awful, as people kept staring at the crazy guy who couldn’t stop laughing.  I was unable to make it through the Introduction and Disclaimer without embarrassing myself by violating basic train etiquette and annoying all around me with my loud laughter.

While the “laws” that form the short chapters of the book are, in most instances, funny, if not ridiculous, that’s not really what makes this book hysterically funny. It’s Kevin’s deadpan commentary about the laws that makes it happen.  His dry wit is what makes this book.Sasquatch

While legal humor websites have come and gone over the years, some being funny for a while before they went dry, Kevin has been able to not only keep it going, but to keep it funny.  I can’t think of anyone even close when It comes to both the level and sophistication of humor and longevity.  For anyone who thinks that’s easy, try it. It’s nearly impossible to accomplish.

The Emergency Sasquatch Ordinance takes it to a new level.  Let me be clear so that no one misses the point: Buy this book. Read this book. Buy more copies to give to people you like, so they too can read this book. It is that funny. it is that good. Do not give it to anyone you despise. They don’t deserve to have this much fun.

While most books tell a story, and some element of the review involves where the book goes and why you might want to go there too, to give you examples of Kevin’s humor is for an unworthy reviewer to steal from a master. Kevin is the master.

Just buy the book and you’ll see why.


3 thoughts on “Book Review: The Emergency Sasquatch Ordinance

  1. Chris Ryan

    Ordered several copies (one for me, couple for friends going to law school).

    It brings one question to mind, when my wife was in medical school a friend gave us a book that was actually (in hindsight) pretty accurate to what the next five years of our lives would be like as it laid out what practicing medicine was really like, as opposed to what we thought it would be.

    My question is if you have any similar type recommendations for soon to be new lawyers? One of my good friends graduates in may and it seems like it would be an appropriate part of a gift, along with a nice bottle of bourbon.

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