25 thoughts on “The Swag Report #LTNY15

  1. Jim Tyre

    True, someone had to do the dirty job.
    But you could have done it so much better had you kept and worn the Spence buckskin.

  2. ConsiderTheImpact

    Mr. Greenfield,

    Not looking for you to post the following. I do think you should read it and consider what impact your video might have on the people and companies included.

    Was your goal to walk around and hassle the vendors by putting their reps on the spot regarding your opinion of the quality of their SWAG? Instead I have to assume you intended a fun kitsch bit about the show, vendors, their SWAG and what can often be a boring trade show floor experience. That would have been fun, in the trade show world which is too often stale and safe. The problem is you besieged those reps on camera and without any notice. You followed that up by making derogatory remarks regarding those companies and how they must not putting money into their own technology products. This you then deduct must impact their SWAG quality. On what research did you base those comments? Is Legal Tech in support of your video and your passive aggressive routine? What is gained by attacking the employees of these companies who’s job it is to talk about those products? Perhaps I am just too old or out of touch with the Legal world these days to understand this sensationalism. Should I instead be thanking you for your contribution to the legal technology field, your perspective on what is appropriate in regards to money those companies are investing in their technologies and your opinion of the resulting SWAG?

    I see in your comment rules section you reference “Volenti non fit iniuria”. I think if you reflect upon your video, those being interviewed may not have been willing. Instead I believe they were trying to understand who you are, why you were hassling them on camera and then doing their best to move you along with as little impact to themselves, their company and potential customers.

    No name given here because I feel at risk for even commenting on this in the first place. I suggest you don’t take this personally and instead consider how your actions might impact these sales reps and their companies. Think about pulling the video down. Perhaps even apologize to those unfortunate enough to have been included in your video. These are just suggestions of course, for who am I to lobby on their behalf?

    1. SHG Post author

      Sorry if I made you cry. If you can’t handle a little ribbing, you should either get better swag or find a job you’re capable of doing.

      1. Turk

        Sorry Scott, only safe humor is allowed. Next time, pick on Poles. Or Jews. Or blacks.

        But tech booth swag is way over the line.

    2. Ben

      Oh my. This is so sad. Lying, scum-sucking salesmen who bombard us with cold calls and spam emails for their garbage products crying like a little bitch when the tables are turned and they don’t get to control their narrative. I feel your anonymous pain.

    3. Sgt. Schultz

      Did you fill out the form? Remember, it must be done in triplicate and signed in black ink or it will not be considered.


  3. Wrongway

    This is to notify you of the pending lawsuit to my eyes & ears after watching the above video presentation..

    I had developed a view of how you might look & sound over the time of reading this blog, & well sir.. you have failed miserably to meet the expectations..

    I will be contacting your machine thru my machine after I wash my ears & eyes in bleach..

    Sincerely Harmed,

    P.S. -> bleach can’t get rid of the stain from my monitor, si can I get some legal advise as to the damages ??

        1. Jim Tyre

          Well, you’re a type. One out of four will get you a few million in baseball, if not much of anywhere else.

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