Fault Lines: It’s Beginning to Crawl!

For those of you who have spurned my small request for a little love by reading Fault Lines, we’ve been slowly adding things to make it better, broader, more worth your while.

Two new writers, Murray Newman and Jeff Gamso, have joined. Both bring their perspectives to criminal law and justice, Murray pulling on his prosecutorial experience and Jeff on his years of fighting to save the lives of the ugliest defendants from execution.

In addition, the Mimesis big guy, Lee Pacchia, has started a morning link wrap, picking up the loose ends of stories that you need to know about, even if they don’t end up in a stand-alone post.  Plus, Lee has a bunch of other buns in his oven to continue to grow Fault Lines into a walking, maybe even running, toddler.

Check it out. The writers at Fault Lines are doing some exceptional work, and are really worth your time and attention.  Plus, if you show Gamso some personal love, he may write in full sentences and stick around after he realizes what a pain it is to post twice a week on demand.  And if you don’t, you will make me very sad.


10 thoughts on “Fault Lines: It’s Beginning to Crawl!

  1. Mort

    Been checking Fault Lines daily since the last time you mentioned it (actually adding it to my bookmarks helps me remember to do so) and I am glad that I do. Might not always agree with what is written, but at least there is thought behind the wrongness.

  2. David M.

    I don’t know Murray yet, but Gamso is a great addition. Guessed what you’d done when I saw a FL post with “By God” in the title. He’s almost cool enough to make me reconsider when I say all English professors are useless pantywaists.

  3. John Barleycorn

    Did you know that the byline is prominently displayed just under the headline on the desktop/laptop configuration of Mimesis Law but the author of an article is nowhere to be found in the iPhone* configuration?

    This quirk is a disservice to the Mimesis Law authors. Most of whom probably deserve more credit than they receive even if they are still pondering the right time to unleash the fiery hounds of their of their souls riding upon chariots of their preferred humor style at this new venue.

    * not on the iPhone 4 anyway.

      1. phroggie

        Author names aren’t visible in my 5″ Android RSS reader or web browser, either, so it’s not merely Apple trying to steal credit from the authors. That’s been my only gripe to date with Fault Lines, and I like the fresh, albeit anonymous to me and other mobile readers, authors covering this subject matter.

      2. John Barleycorn

        FYI: The byline doesn’t appear on the Samsung S6 andriod platform either.

        P.S. I should have got me one of these phones years ago. When I read the phrase “rouge grand jury” in a post today over at Fault Lines I was able to save the post to this cool new app that predicts how many, and the top eighty probable titles of the chapters in books that have yet to be written.

        Amazing really.

        P.S.S. I hear you are taking donations now? Please for the love of god tell me one of your kids hasn’t decided to do sometbing crazy, like go to law school or something. You know, you could always sell me some add space. It would be a beautiful thing really. Any day now CDL’s are going to realize that giving away free fountain pens at the office ain’t got nothing on giving away stylized supreme court justice action figures and the localized urban prosecurors line up coming out after the upcoming elections is gonna be off the hook.

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