The Hue And Cry Of Independence

Maybe she doesn’t come with the justification that she descended from human beings brought to the United States as chattel, against their will, with a good chance of dying along the way, and a certainty of living out the rest of their lives as slaves.  So what? Margaret Lam is a little girl* who discovered how to use her vagina as a weapon and the rest of her anatomy as an excuse.

Maggie Lam writes about reclaiming the Asian-American narrative surrounding the immigrant experience.

And she does this how?

In one column, Ms. Lam accuses her room-mate, “Becky,” of exhibiting the symptoms of white privilege as she and Becky debate whether their dorm, which is transitioning to a “People of Color House,” should be allowed to exclude white residents.

Lam calls “Becky” — an already racially charged name — a “white devil,” and says she “smelled like a skinny white girl” and engages in “microaggressions.” She then denounces white hipsters’ role in oppressing cultures through gentrification — something she refers to as a “white savior circle jerk.”

Lam rounds out her observations by accusing campus white men of adopting a stereotype about “exotic” Asian women rooted in what she calls UC Berkeley’s “history of white, patriarchal rape culture.”

First, don’t get all bent out of shape because Lam plays her victim card, for her family having immigrated here from China of their apparent volition, and her having the privilege to attend Berkeley, where everyone is a victim. Understand that she’s young, foolish and taken with her ability to assert her independence by writing for the college paper and spewing inane nonsense. Kidz do silly things, and she can either grow up some day or stand on the side of the road with a sign that reads, “Will fight the White Devils for Food.”

That she can smear “skinny white women” in the process is exactly what Independence Day is all about.  That someone can come here from another place and be as stupid as they wanna be, write word salad posts that would best be viewed as hysterically funny because they’re so totally off the wall as to be a reflection of the parasites infecting the minds of our youth, is America at its best. You spew, girl.** Spew away. Spew, spew, spew. And throw in some curses to prove your autonomy now that mommy isn’t looking over your shoulder. Such a big girl.***

The question raised in response to the Daily Californian’s giving Margaret Lam space to express her opinion about how much she self-loves, while hating skinny white girls (and boys, but only to the extent they won’t succumb to her newly discovered voodoo), is whether anyone not high up on the victim scale could write any of the things Lam writes and not be expelled, drawn and quartered, then given cancer and a venereal disease.

Critics have charged that this and other race laden columns would never be tolerated by a white columnist. Given the effort to raise “microaggressions” to the level of sanctionable conduct, the concern is well placed.  There has long been a lack of standard articulated in distinguishing race-based speech or conduct.  I know little about the writings of Lam (and I have less interest after reading a couple of her columns).  However, it does not matter.  Race continues to divide society and Lam’s views will likely generate more debate and discussion on the subject.

Of course such flagrant racism wouldn’t be tolerated by a white columnist. Or a male columnist, if was about women. That’s pretty obvious, and as it should be. It’s not because they lack the right to express racist or sexist (or whatever -ist gets your juices flowing) opinions, but because why would any reasonable person want to?

But then, the trite phrase used to justify childish indulgence is that it will “start a discussion.” This has become the “go to” excuse for marginalized victims**** to justify their spewing.  When they get caught making up horrific stories of outrageous conduct, it’s all cool because it will start a discussion, even if it’s about lies. Stupid? Wrong? Ridiculous? Of course, and that’s why we celebrate it today.

There was once a bright, shining moment when the discussion started, where issues of racism and harm appeared to finally be taken seriously. Then, poof, it was gone. In its place, there were the children in libraries and quads, pretending to fight for equality.  And that too is America, the right to take something that matters and reduce it to the absurd.

On the Fourth of July, many will celebrate our independence from England, where in place of King George’s rule our forefathers gave us the opportunity for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  They also gave us the right to blow it, if that’s what we chose to do.

Don’t be angry with the children for being children. Don’t be upset that the current trend is hypocritical. This is what independence is, the opportunity to be right and wrong, smart and stupid, racist and sexist in the pretense of equality, and wrap yourself in the self-righteous certainty of victimhood. Margaret Lam is the American dream.  You go, Margaret!***** What other place on earth would allow some kid to spew such nonsense? Are we great or what?

This is America, where everyone has the right to be wrong. Happy Independence Day.

*He said what?


**Oh crap, he did it again.

***Will this never stop?

****It’s hard to be marginalized at Berkeley.

*****You probably thought I was going to say girl, right?

9 thoughts on “The Hue And Cry Of Independence

  1. Thomas

    I followed your link to her column. You should have issued a trigger warning. Now I’m going to need a gallon of brain-bleach to clean my mind and a large quantity of alcohol to forget I ever saw that.
    Happy 4th!

  2. Billy Bob

    SHG tops himself again. Now please show us the
    “That-was-Not-Funny” Lady one more time. Thanx
    for making our Independence Day totally dependent
    upon SJ–for a good laugh that is.

    1. Patrick Maupin

      Scott’s a rebel. You certainly won’t change his behavior with the ole “do as I say, not as I do” schtick.

  3. B. McLeod

    “On the Lam” will likely come to describe a style of “reporting” at ABA Journal, where Lam can also almost certainly count on a future career as an “editor” and determiner of correct opinions. People do this because there is an established market for it.

  4. Dragoness Eclectic

    Hmm. I’m guessing she picked up her rhetoric and style from “Requires Hate”. Too bad she didn’t also pick up the lesson that if you’re an abusive sociopath playing the oppressed victim card to allow you to keep abusing people, the world remembers the ‘abusive sociopath’ part a lot longer and stops caring about the supposed ‘oppressed victim’ part. She’s going to have a hard time getting a serious job in the future.

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