Short Take: The Disappeared Evergreen Video

It was included in my first post about Bret Weinstein, the video of outraged students being outrageous. And while the students in the video, filled with self-righteousness, believed themselves to be on the side of truth and social justice, fighting the evil racist who didn’t think whites should be banned from their college campus, it was met with less than universal adoration.

By the chaos theory that only makes sense to the truest of believers in social justice, the students in the video became the victims of their own words and deeds. And those who criticized them were bullies. In stepped the Youtube gods to save them.


The video is gone now. Perhaps some wag will bring it back in some other form, or forum, but the original has been disappeared. What happened has been made to unhappen. It was embarrassing to the students? Not so embarrassing to have not done it. Not so embarrassing to apologize for doing it. But embarrassing enough to demand that it be removed from the internet because they felt bullied by the reaction to what they did.

What happened happened. It was disgraceful, and it won’t cease to be disgraceful by the removal of the evidence. The damnation of Evergreen State College by the actions of these students can’t be disappeared in the minds of anyone who saw the video before its removal. And not even the tepid condemnation of “unacceptable behavior” by the Board of Trustees can cleanse the taint.

During the last week, the conduct of a small percentage of Evergreen’s community members exhibited unacceptable behavior that is completely contrary to Evergreen’s values. Although almost all of students continued to attend classes and receive the extraordinary education that Evergreen delivers, the lack of tolerance and respect displayed by a few during these recent events and disruptions is indefensible.

Yes, it was indefensible, that “small percentage” of students caught on video. And now that the video is gone, it’s like it never happened. But it did. And we all know it.

16 comments on “Short Take: The Disappeared Evergreen Video

  1. Marc Whipple

    In my probably problematic opinion, if you say something is unacceptable and you don’t do anything about it when it is within your power to do so, you either don’t know what the word “unacceptable” means or you are a filthy liar.

  2. PDB

    Given the way the press release is worded, I wouldn’t be surprised if some of the trustees intended for the phrase “small percentage” to refer to Weinstein and his supporters.

  3. kushiro

    These students, who belong to an age cohort that is considered to be extremely tech-savvy, somehow do not understand that the video is still out there — on liveleak, on youtube, saved on people’s hard drives — complete, unedited and even from different angles. It’s a game of whack-a-mole that they can’t win.

    1. M. Kase

      Whack-a-mole isn’t the goal, reduction of visibility is. The average consumer isn’t going to go through the trouble of sliding down the memory hole to get a video from wayback or liveleak.

  4. B. McLeod

    I’m guessing somebody finally told them that the Internet is forever, and then the little tadpole “progressives” started to think about the day a few years from now, when the employers they apply with will be watching their performance on this video.

    1. SHG Post author

      You don’t understand how traumatic it is to be bullied by being caught on video being a bully.

      1. kushiro

        Then those bullies get bullied by having their video pulled.

        It’s bullies all the way down.

    2. Andy A.

      If you think it will become standard practice for private employers to cross check individual applicants against tens of thousands of shaky videos of misguided collegiate tantrums, you’re delusional.

  5. John Barleycorn


    Tank about it,? Not! Your jacks over a king ten rag flop.

    Stop hyper. Play the hand.

    P.S. I know you are “child-adult” distracted and grandchildren-less still, (your preparation for such and parenting ) are not in question, unless you sent your other “child” to Oberlin.

    I get it, but just like bodies on the pile, your aggregation is noise here. Unless you want to bring it.

  6. delurking

    The $h!t has hit the fan. There are protests on your campus. The nation is watching you. Everyone wants an official response. You get the board together. You can’t even get basic English usage correct in the sentence that states your thesis.

    “…the conduct of a small percentage of Evergreen’s community members exhibited unacceptable behavior …”

    1. LocoYokel

      That’s so cis-grammered of you. How dare you judge them and grammer-splain the “correct” usage of English to them. You cannot tell them that their lived grammer experience is wrong.

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