If You Can’t Trust The Government

Via Kevin Underhill at Lowering the Bar, this brilliant juxtaposition of two front pages:

Surely this was just a typo:


When this is actually what was going on:

NSA broke rules

Much as I look forward to hearing of the multitude of rigorously enforcedĀ internal restrictions in place to prevent this from happening, not to mention the contention that the existence of the audit proves that the government can be trusted to police itself, all of which are carefully designed to return us to a state of abiding trust and comfort, it’s going to be awfully hard to forget this image.

I thought you ought to know.

2 thoughts on “If You Can’t Trust The Government

  1. Bruce Coulson

    “Sir, I have reason to believe that the Agency is continuing to illegally spy on Americans.”
    “Who are you required to make this report to?”
    (sigh) “You sir; the head of the Agency.”
    “Sir, I suspect you of conspiring to break the law by spying on your fellow Americans.”
    “I’ll look into it. Don’t bother with a written report; we’ll compile it off your computer records.”

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