Memorial Day 2017

The other day, a young lawyer twitted at me about my generation “spitting at vets” when they returned home from Vietnam. This came in response to my twit about students walking out of their graduation ceremony to protest the vice president. While it was unduly defensive, the more important problem was that it was factually wrong.

There were many of us who disagreed vehemently with the Vietnam war. There were a few who spit on returning vets, the “baby killers” to the most radical. This was not, however, a stereotype of my generation, but an anomaly*, which is why a baby lawyer today is aware it happened. So smart and so wrong at the same time.

I was far closer to World War II than a Millennial is to Vietnam. Our fathers fought, and some died, fighting literally Hitler. We were weaned on their suffering and sacrifice. Spare me the presentism of Yippies spitting on returning vets. My generation recognized the sacrifices suffered for this nation. This is one of the many reasons we fight for our rights while others believe them no longer applicable today.

I’ve had my say about Memorial Day before. Nothing has changed.

*Jim Tyre, who is much older than me, emailed to disagree with my choice of the word “anomaly.” Was it the wrong word? It’s defined as “something that deviates from what is standard, normal, or expected,” and it was. It happened, but it was by no means the norm. I’m sticking with it. Tyre’s old and his memory isn’t what it used to be.

14 thoughts on “Memorial Day 2017

  1. Billy Bob

    What happened to Memorial Day 09, 11 and 14? No, am not going to sift thru the next nine Google pages. Thanx for reminding us what day it is.

  2. Allen

    Condiments? The only condiment that worked with C-rations was hot sauce. Interesting reading. Have yourself a great day, and remember, if nothing else we got some great music out of the times.

    1. Mike G.

      Good thing about C-Rations was the high energy chocolate bar and the 5 pack of Chesterfields or Lucky Strikes included in each ration.

        1. Mike G.

          Yeah, well ya gotta die of something.

          I was a punk kid out of smokes on a remote radar site surrounded by 4 feet of snow and my relief several hours if not even a day or two away from relieving me.

      1. Hunting Guy

        Did anyone like the ham and Lima beans? Three bottles of hot sauce wouldn’t help those. Even the rats at the dump wouldn’t eat them.

        1. DanQ

          Yep that was pretty disgusting. The caraway cheese-like substance was a pretty good condiment. Somewhere rattling around in one of my workshop drawers I have a P38. Had to use it once a few years back when the power went out and our hand operated opener went AWOL.

  3. Feed Troll

    I was going to ask if you ever get tired talking about yourself and then I realized that no this is all about you you and more you. You put the ME in ME MYSELF AND I. oh yeah that MEllinneal thing too

    1. SHG Post author

      It’s all about me. Of course, if I don’t interest you, you don’t have to read about me. See how that works?

      1. Davix

        Kinda love how you own these pathetic little snowflakes. Not only do they read, but they’re so traumatized that they must attack you in a comment.

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