The Saddest Person in the Twittersphere

Twitter got hacked and went down.  A year ago, who would have cared?  Who would have noticed?  Not me.  But I did notice yesterday.  It changed my world.  I had an extra 15 minutes in my day, which I put to good use.

But something else happened yesterday to make me think of twitter.  I was followed by Rex7.

Hi, Scott Greenfield.

Rex7 (Rex7) is now following your tweets on Twitter.

A little information about Rex7: 63837 followers
2779 tweets
following 61785 people

For those of you who don’t know, Rex7 is a 2009 law school graduate named Rex Gradeless who has accumulated the largest number of followers of anyone in the legal arena, assuming ones take a broad view of who is in the legal arena.  Like getting into the Guiness Book of World Records for accomplishing a feat that few others have chosen to try, Rex7 has staked his claim on twitter.

But his success at accumulating followers is demonstrable evidence of it’s relative utility.  Rex needs a job.  Nothing wrong with that, particularly given the current situation for law school graduates.  But he has almost 64,000 followers on twitter.  Still, he’s jobless, per his twitter bio.  Contrary to popular belief, no one gets paid for the number of followers they have on twitter.

Rex isn’t the only young man hoping that twitter will aid in his success.  There are others, Adrian Dayton for one, who believe that their future can be found on twitter.  Adrian is a twitter consultant, available to teach lawyers and firms how to achieve financial success through twitting.  He believes that it’s true, and that he can help.

To Rex and Adrian, twitter is their vehicle to recognition.  When twitter went down, so too did their vehicle. 

But if Rex can’t manage to find a job with his almost 68,000 followers, then one has to wonder whether those who promote twitter as a vehicle of success are just blowing smoke. 

I’ve come to like twitter for certain purposes.  But I remain doubtful that it will serve the purpose of enhancing my practice.  Others will explain to me using the vagaries preferred by marketing folks about how it builds relationships and networks and communities, will find you love and help you to lose those excess pounds.  I haven’t seen it.  I had more followers on twitter than I should, but many of them are part of the coterie of twitterers who are selling to lawyers or just following others in the hope of a return follow.  They want to be like Rex7.  They are keeping score.

This morning, Rex7 stopped following me.  Perhaps it was because I didn’t follow him back.  Perhaps it was because my twits are boring.  Perhaps it was because I don’t have a job for him. 

I wish Rex, who was an occasional commenter here, the best of luck in finding a fine job as a lawyer.  It will likely interfere with his ability to accumulate followers on twitter, but it will provide him with a paycheck, a sense of real accomplishment and a taste of what the profession is all about.  What it is not about is twitting, accumulating followers or finding your purpose in life crushed when twitter crashes.  That would make you the saddest person in the twittersphere.

19 thoughts on “The Saddest Person in the Twittersphere

  1. Mike

    Twitter is superficial. One does not achieve anything through superficiality. Having many superficial connections does not suddenly make those connections deep or meaningful. You can’t make a well by drawing water from a puddle – even if the puddle is as wide as a foot ball field.

    Your kind follower would better spend his time developing depth. How much time does that nit-wit waste on Twitter?

    What if he spent even 2 hours of every one of his jobless days learning about a legal subject matter. After a few months and hundreds-of-hours of legal research and writing, would be remain jobless? I bet not.

    Instead, he’ll spend hours each day forming more superficial connections.

    As a good life adviser would ask: “How is that working for you?”

  2. Mike

    It’s funny. Our squabbles over this generatational stuff have always been artificial. Even in college, I hated college kids. They’d complain about being broke while not working. I never did – and still don’t – “get it.” If your life sucks and you can change your life….. Then what exactly is the problem? If people are clinically depressed or something, I can sympathize. Most people who are failures, though, don’t have any excuse.

    In law school, I’d be going to CLEs at least once a onth. Only one other law student ever joined me – despite my saying, “Um, dudes. I am not even looking for jobs, but I’ve never left without someone wanting to offer me one!” My co-attendee, incidentally, landed a great job at a plaintiffs’ firm despite having awful grades (bottom 25%) and no other traditional credential.

    Incidentally: Only on Twitter can a person have so many followers without creating a movement!

    If I had 100 followers, I’d have a cult. 60,000 followers would be enough to start my own religion. On Twitter, 60,000 followers isn’t even enough to get a job.

  3. Jim Walker

    You’re being rough on @Rex7. He has 63,973 followers on Twitter. You have 28. Who cares? This does not make him shallow or superficial, nor you deep and meaningful.

    My limited experiences on Twitter have led to interviews in newspapers, magazines, and radio. This has led to significant business from clients and other lawyers.

    Twitter won’t get me laid, but it sure as hell has created business opportunities without having to spend a dime.

  4. SHG

    If you’re going to challenge a post, you need to be a bit more careful.  I don’t have 28 followers.  I follow 28. You follow over 5700 people.  Are they your friends?  Do you read their twits?  Or do you follow people so they will follow you to make yourself feel twitterportant?  I bet we know which one it is.  And sorry to say Jim, but it does make you shallow to follow 5700 people just to pick up followers for yourself.  Rex follows about as many as follow him.  See a connection? 

    Your sex life is of no concern to me, and I seriously doubt whether anyone else around here cares to know about your difficulties with women.  That said, it’s a shame that your competency as a lawyer never led to interview.  If the best things that has ever happened in your life is twitter, than it doesn’t speak well of you as a lawyer.  Without twitter, would you be on the street begging for lawsuits on cruise ships?  A sorry state of affairs.

    And I’m not being rough on Rex at all.  It’s his claim to fame, which he’s studiously courted, and hence made himself the example.  His choice to put himself on the pedestal, not mine.

  5. Jim Walker

    I don’t know @Rex7, but know bullies like you well. Let’s make a bet – he gets hired within the next 2 months at twice your salary when you were a pippled face new lawyer (in real terms)? You name the bet. Let’s put it in writing because you sound sleazy.

    I was on Larry King, ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC, FoxNews, CBS and every major network and newspaper long before Twitter came along. And you have a blog and pick on law students.

    The reference to sex was a joke, like you.

  6. SHG

    Well, I never knew you were the most important lawyer in the world.  Thanks for letting me know.  That changes everything, except for your sex joke.  That was just vulgar.

  7. Dr. SunWolf

    1/ Love “twitterportant.” I’m abscounding with it and will use it with unattributed abandon.
    2/ Yee gads, Mr. Walker, public venom to the max? To what end? [I blame the parents, always.]
    3/ As to the actual Twitter topic [and there was one], I’m in Scott’s camp on this one. I assume no one reads me (except the few who ask Qs or RT), I carefully weed out all who shouldn’t be there being disenchanted with #s, and follow those who can teach me something or cast a new view on what lawyers might need. Got nothing to sell. No one will buy a book reading Twitter [and thousands could buy my book and I’d get enough for a lovely dinner, perhaps brunch to follow]. ** Do hate sitting on perfectly useful knowledge that could win a case for someone, though. **

    For the recent Twitterer who offered to show me how I could get 1,000 followers quickly:
    I can show you how to lose one follower. Tell me you know how to get me 1,000 followers.

  8. brian tannebaum

    Jim, Jim, Jim, c’mon, you don’t really have a problem with lawyers who represent those accused of crimes, do you? I would assume, although this 15 year Miami criminal lawyer doesn’t know you that in your long career as a lawyer you’ve had the occasion to refer a friend or colleague to a criminal defense lawyer, and I wouldn’t be surprised to know that you call one or two a friend or neighbor. I don’t refer to my friends here in Miami who file cruise ship claims as “ambulence chasers,” nor any of my PI lawyer friends.

    You probably don’t know that @Rex7, scott, and a bunch of us banter back and forth and have healthy conversation. Rex enjoys a healthy debate about social media. Did he say different?

    People have different views about twitter. Some use it as a cheap marketing tool and some indirectly get business from human conversation unrelated to pushing their practice in every tweet.

    Let’s all be friends. Scott’s can just be perceived as an asshole sometimes, like me, and well, anyway.

    When Scott comes to Miami he’ll buy you some ice cream at Whip & Dip. I’ll come and join you.

  9. SHG

    He’s not in the loop, and obviously has no clue what he’s talking about (and isn’t too good with details to boot), which is not surprising since he’s a cruise PI lawyer down in wherever the heck you are.  But now he’s defending his honor, since he got caught making mistakes and looking foolish.  That’s what foolish people do when they get caught, compounding his initial foolishness by his even more foolish second comments.  But hey, he’s a big time lawyer and I just have a blog.

    Still, I’ll be happy to buy him an ice cream.  You have to pay for yourself.

  10. Jim Walker

    I have no problem with you Brian. You make a good point, and yes I have referred the accused to criminal defense lawyers. So that was imprudent. Greenfield took what I thought was a cheap shot on an unemployed law student. Greenfield is a big shot player. So I took the side of the underdog. Just like you would. Hell, just like Greenfiled would. I didn’t post my website or twitter name, but he got nasty. And then he went on Twitter of all places, which he mocks, but he came looking for you and his twitter friends for help. So I took it up a notch. Here we are. Should be escalate this further? No problem here, we’re just reaching my comfort zone. Or maybe we should go for ice cream, although I prefer Dairy Queen on US 1. And yes my new friend Mr. Greenfield can pay.

  11. brian tannebaum

    Jim, I think you probably like the Dairy Queen on US1 because it has that unruly steep ramp.

    As for Scott, he neither needs nor wants my nor anyone else’s help on twitter. You probably don’t know that the two old guys on the muppets – both of them-were created after Scott. We’ve all been kicked off his online “lawn” many a time, but we love him for it (oh shit, now I’m in trouble)

    Scott wasn’t picking on an unemployed law student. He was being critical of Rex, yet again, who is only too happy to be sitting in the back seat of Scott’s car, in the middle seat of course.

  12. SHG

    Jeez, you’ve been around long enough to know when to stop digging.  Haven’t you done yourself enough harm in one evening?  You’ve been wrong on every count, proven yourself to be a blithering idiot and still you want to fight.  You’re not going to come out a winner on my blawg. and let’s just say more people read this stinky little blog than you have followers, many times over.  Learn to have a little grace when you screw up and get nailed playing the fool.  You made a mistake jumping into something when you had no clue what you were doing.  Instead of pushing it further, know when to stop.

    And I’ll still buy the ice cream.  I can afford it.

  13. Mike

    “So I took it up a notch. Here we are. Should he escalate this further?”

    LMAO! Next thing you know, nukes will be flying!

  14. Doug Cornelius

    If Rex had only put all that effort into a legal topic, maybe he would have a job.

    Instead, he has a blog called “Social Media Law student” and he is not even a law student anymore. He has 63,000+ twitter followers, the vast majority of which are spam, porn, SEO optimizers and social media experts. (Not that there is much of a difference.) None of that pays the bills.

  15. Windypundit

    I’m glad I don’t have 63000 followers. The pressure would kill me. I have only 27 followers, but I can’t imagine why. Why are they there? What do they want? It’s like discovering a bunch of cats sitting outside your back door: Should I be feeding them or something?

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