Downfall Meets Law Review

Sorry.  Have no choice. Too funny,  This one is for all the lawprofs out there. You are not alone.

Best line: “It’s OK. He won’t really go back to private practice.” 
Second best line: “Or I could start my own blog.”

H/T Dan Markel at PrawfsBlawg

7 thoughts on “Downfall Meets Law Review

  1. Laura from Cabo

    Sorry to disagree, Scott, but not that funny–particularly because of all the empty dialogue. I do agree that the “clients” stuff was very funny.

    But as a non-techie who just completed this one, my first ever video, I would assume some law prof type should have the attention to detail to spend the time on Windows Moviemaker to fill in all the dialogue with subtitles, and not use the fade in and out that slows the transitions down as Hitler goes all fast and furious on us.

    Here’s the one I just did about Kobe Bryant DA Mark Hurlbert, who is running for the state Senate in Colorado (after failing to get his term limits extended on the ballot). A lot of the humor is inside-baseball-Colorado politics, but a lot of it isnt’t. It made the Denver post political page and has been No. 1 there for the past 48 hours. Here’s the video as embedded in the DP article from
    Lynn Bartels:

    Please post it if you are moved to do so, and please let me know your thoughts.

  2. SHG

    You may be more focused on the technical aspect than I am, since you’ve just done one yourself.  I find that less a concern than the substance.  As for your video, it’s a bit too local to be of interest to others, but I’m happy to leave in the link for anyone who wants to check it out.

  3. SHG

    Your telling me what you think isn’t going to make me think its funnier.  But you’re allowed to laugh all you want, so why not post it on your blawg and laugh all you want?

  4. Jamie L.

    Oh god, I was literally cracking up the entire time! The best line was definitely the client part about going back to private practice. Freaking classic!

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