Hate Is Not An Excuse For RooshV False Rape Claim

The days when being called a misogynist mattered are gone. SJWs have way overplayed their hand, resorting to silly ad hominems at anything. And nothing. My first inclination was to snarkily suggest that all that need happen to have someone attack was to breathe, but then I realized, breathing isn’t even necessary anymore.

For the ordinary guy, it’s merely banal to be called a name. For someone whose profile is extreme, even the most ardent feminist realizes that she must try harder. Much, much harder. And when Stephanie Jane Gari felt the need to go after Roosh Valizadeh, RooshV as he’s known on the internet, she went for it all.

Roosh Valizadeh is one of the world’s most infamous misogynists. If you haven’t heard of him, you can read about him in his own disgusting words on his blog or look at the descriptions in one of his Bang Guides which give advice about how to easily bed women—advice that dangerously flirts with outright descriptions of date rape.

It’s unclear what it takes to achieve the position of “one of the world’s most infamous misogynists.” It’s unclear why anyone, misogynist or not, would be infamous. But apparently, RooshV has managed to seize the hearts, if not the minds, of women. And S. Jane Gari shows a level of obsession bordering on the bizarre.

But even this lofty level of misogyny fails to suffice to prove her hatred. And so, she goes in for the kill.

 He said, “You would think that one girl would have come forward by now and say, ‘Roosh did it.  He raped me. Not one has come forward.  Not one.’ ”

Now she has.

One of Roosh’s victims read my blog back in November and reached out to me, asking for my help in exposing him.  She finally agreed to be interviewed after seeing how he continues to spout his poisonous, misogynist rhetoric with sickening bravado. I hope her courage will inspire other possible Roosh victims to come forward as well.

Rape? That takes it to an entirely different level.  Hate RooshV’s speech all you want. He’s entitled to speak. You’re entitled to speak. Go for it. But making the factual allegation that he raped someone is far different, far more serious. What does Gari offer?

For her safety, I will protect the victim’s identity. This is the story ‘Susan’ shared with me:

Roosh approached Susan in Iceland where he was busy “bagging chicks” for one of his sex travel guides. When Susan left a nightclub with her friends, Roosh, approached her on the street and insisted on walking her home.  She asked him to leave her alone.  Later, when she became separated from her friends, she noticed he was following her.

Protecting the victim’s identity, a woman in Iceland whose identity, if the story is true, is already known to RooshV, immediately suggests that something is askew here.  The device of protecting an identity may play well with the choir, but defies reason, particularly when making an allegation of this sort. Gari tells the story of how Susan told Roosh to leave her alone, go away, and Roosh persisted in following her despite all.

When she arrived at her home, Roosh was very charismatic and asked politely if he could just use the toilet. Sleepy and still drunk from her night out, she acquiesced and let him in to use the bathroom.

When he was done in the bathroom he faced Susan and said, “Are you home alone?”

“Yes,” she said.

Sleepy and drunk, combined with charismatic and polite, is the excuse for this inexplicable lack of judgment. Having purportedly told RooshV to leave her alone over and over, Susan suddenly reverses herself and “acquiesces” to letting him into her home when she’s alone?

Then he asked her to touch his penis. When she refused, Roosh grabbed her.

Susan started crying and said, “Why are you doing this? You’re crazy.”

He laughed and overpowered her with force, saying, “All girls like this.  It’s every woman’s fantasy. You don’t even know what you’re saying.  You’re drunk, but I like drunk girls.”  And then, according to Susan, he raped her.

Quite a story, but one that appears far more likely to be “every woman’s fantasy” who despises RooshV rather than his. There was no report of this to the police, but that too is easily explained in the litany of rape excuses. And also explainable if it never happened and this is a wholesale fabrication. RooshV calls total bullshit.

Things I’ve never done in my life:

  • Follow a girl home.
  • Ask a woman to “touch my penis.”
  • Try to make physical advances on a crying girl.
  • Have sex in an Icelandic girl’s home while she was alone.
  • Tell a girl that rape is “every woman’s fantasy.”

This is not a case of a girl I know making up an encounter, but a girl who I’ve never met and who I believe doesn’t even exist inventing a situation after skimming through publicly available excerpts of Bang Iceland.

Is it possible that Gari’s story is true? Of course. But RooshV has gone out on a limb of his own. Beyond raising the UVA false rape story, he has retained Marc Randazza to represent him in a defamation suit. In Randazza’s letter to Gari, he concedes all manner of jurisdiction, plus offers exposure to defamation himself by calling it a lie.  RooshV could not do more to make himself amenable to suit, where either Susan or Gari could prove that RooshV, and not them, is a liar, rapist and defamer.

And he offers Gari an out. Admit this was all a lie and he will drop everything.

Hate RooshV? Fair enough. Scream about his misogyny at the top of your lungs, over and over again. But don’t lie. Don’t fabricate a passive-aggressive attack, particularly one that comes off as ridiculously implausible, so that you can enjoy the benefit of accusing a person of rape while depriving him of the opportunity to defend against the claim.

If RooshV raped a woman named “Susan” in Iceland, then he should be punished for his crime. But if he didn’t, if there was no rape, if there is no “Susan,” then Gari should be held to account for her libel. No amount of hatred excuses a false rape allegation.

29 thoughts on “Hate Is Not An Excuse For RooshV False Rape Claim

  1. EH

    The first comment on his site sums it up pretty well:

    “Following the rape, Roosh donned his top hat, twirled his villainous mustache, tied “Susan” to some nearby train tracks, and then joined Donald Trump and the Koch brothers for a dinner of endangered Icelandic condor.”

    I can’t help but notice that the article is still up on Gari’s site. That seems pretty surprising.

    1. Paul L.

      Jane Gari is now victim blaming and claiming she was just sharing the story.

      “I am not stating these claims as absolute fact. I am sharing someone’s story and encouraging people if they have indeed been wronged by this man to report it to proper authorities so a legal process can decide all of this. In libel litigation the following applies, “The fact that the allegedly defamatory communication is essentially true is usually an absolute defense; the defendant need not verify every detail of the communication, as long as its substance can be established.” I am merely stating what someone communicated to me and that these things may have happened, not that they have. The truth is that now two women have contacted me. I have encouraged them to report their stories to the proper legal authorities.

      Additionally, a plaintiff in a libel case must prove malice. I am not being malicious. I am not inciting people to violence or hatred against Roosh. I stand by my comments that his blog and books in parts spout dangerous ideas about how to treat women. I also stand by my call to those who may have been wronged by someone to seek justice. That’s not libel. That’s trying to help someone else who has been too scared to tell her story because she was afraid of the intimidation and the cross-examination and the bullying that often ensues after such accusations are made.”

      1. SHG Post author

        Gari’s posts are the epitome of malice, oozing from her every word. But be careful about using the “victim blaming” phrase. If it’s bullshit for feminists, it’s bullshit for everyone.

        1. Mort

          Yes (a fact that Gari fucks up just like most people) but her own words make it impossible to believe she checked any fact. Her ” I am merely stating what someone communicated to me and that these things may have happened, not that they have” tells me she didn’t actually verify anything at all, just repeated what someone told her (if we assume for the sake of argument that she didn’t make up the stories herself).

          And really, if a guy has Randazza as a lawyer, I’m not sure it is wise to double down like Gari has.

          Then again, being able to say “these women-haters are now trying to punish me for speaking out” would get her a load of Paetron support…

  2. Patrick Maupin

    I hope for her sake that Gari is smart enough to engage a lawyer who is smart enough to realize what it means when Randazza is offering to play by Queensberry Rules.

  3. Howard Kovacs

    What I find amusing is that Gari is now discussing what libel is and is not. As somebody who has a lawyer as a brother I want to point out that complete definitions of legal terms are far more complex than the average person understands since the terms are continually connected to changing common law and its precedents.

    If she thinks saying “I am merely stating what somebody communicated to me..” and “l am not stating these claims as absolute facts” is going to protect her she really needs to get a lawyer of her own immediately. She has no clue how the law works.

    1. SHG Post author

      Much as we appreciate the legal analysis of someone who has a brother who’s a lawyer, this is a law blog, read primarily by lawyers and judges. We kinda got the law thing covered.

      1. Howard Kovacs

        I meant that I spoke to my brother who is a lawyer about this it was his information that informed my comment. I should have been more clear on that. Thanks

  4. Howard Kovacs

    PS I just found out via roost forums on this topic that she actually edited her post after the law firm sent her the letter. Somebody on the forums links to the recorded changes:

    [Ed. Note: Link deleted per rules.]

    Scroll to poste nineteen84.

    This does not bode well for Gari.

    1. SHG Post author

      So it’s clear, this post does not suggest that we’re on “Team Roosh.” This post is about the use of false allegations of criminal conduct, and that even someone as hated as Roosh should not be falsely accused.

      1. Howard Kovacs

        SHG neither am I on Team Roosh. Full disclosure: I did meet him when him came to my city ( Toronto)and found him very non pro rape. He never once advocated such a thing as I’m sure you know. I attended because our mayor said he was not welcome in our city which of course is a ridiculous thing to say as Roosh did not break the law and every law abiding tourist/speaker etc is welcome in our city.

  5. Pamela Smith

    Everyone who read this pickup artist’s how-to-rape-girls and not face legal consequences manuals, know that Roosh has been teaching these techniques of actually straight out raping for years.

    In the rape guide Bang Iceland, he describes himself raping few girls.

    And he admits it was rape. If you want screenshots, I will post them here, there are plenty of them.

    Also in Bang Poland and 30 Bangs Roosh admits and describes himself raping girls.

    there is no gray area about it

    1. SHG Post author

      And he admits it was rape. If you want screenshots, I will post them here, there are plenty of them.

      From the linked post, he expressly denies that he has ever raped anyone. So yes, saying the opposite doesn’t suffice, and saying “there is no gray about it” is meaningless.

      However, I would note that if, by rape, you are referring to the current amorphous definition of lack of affirmative consent, seduction or post sex regret, then your claim would likely fail to prove your point.

      But if you believe that you can demonstrate that Rooshe admitted rape as its defined by law, then please do. No need for “plenty,” but even one solid example would support your assertion.

      Please bear in mind, as much as there are pro-Rooshe and anti-Rooshe sides busy hating each other, I am not on either team. If you’ve got the goods to support your position, then it’s worthwhile to know, but it will have to withstand scrutiny as would any allegation of a crime against anyone.

  6. Pamela Smith

    Have you ever heard a serial rapist Not denying the accusations towards him?

    The fact that you only show only one side: that of Roosh, and failing to do due-dilligence and read his teachings and his advices of raping girls and escaping legal consequences of rape,
    makes everyone wonder if you are not being paid by Roosh in this campaign… 🙁

    There are so many times when Roosh admitted himself to raping unwilling girls, between 2002 when he started blogging, and 2015.

    1. SHG Post author

      Putting aside your inability to use the reply button, I offered you the courtesy of making your case. You repayed my courtesy by launching into the rant of the paranoid delusional nutjob. I note that your serial comment, also starting a new thread rather than a reply, contains numerous links, none of which come from Rooshe, so that your claim that he’s admitted to raping women fails.

      I gave you the opportunity to prove your assertion that Rooshe admitted to rape. You chose instead to prove that you’re a nutjob. So be it.

    2. Sgt. Schultz

      As the unofficial sign language interpreter for the blind and intellectually challenged, there is nothing here that supports RoosheV’s message, whatever that may be. That you see your demons because SHG doesn’t hate the way you want him to isn’t a reflection of what he’s written, but your insanity. You’re welcome.

      1. SHG Post author

        To those who hate passionately, failure to promote their hatred is a crime in itself. To those who are flaming nutjobs, there is nothing one can do except agree with their insanity.

        And if RoosheV wants to pay me for this post, the donate button is on the right.

    3. Ray Lee

      I was somewhat suspicious of Ms. Smith’s factual claims until I saw the frowny face. For my money, nothing is quite as persuasive in proving a disputed factual contention as an image depicting a feeling / emotion. Unfortunately, when used in summary judgment motions, not so much.

  7. Michael Thomas

    I read your blog with pleasure for many years.

    This time SHG you’re on the wrong side of truth and history.

    Roosh describes himself on his blog, in many of his Bang guides, and even in his newsletters,
    advices on how always girls saying “No!” must be ignored, that when sex comes, “No!” means “Yes!” and other similar advices

    Be balanced in your reporting, for the sake of all readers

    Have a nice weekend

    1. SHG Post author

      My reporting is on a defamation suit. I realize that people have extremely strong feelings about Roosh. It’s irrelevant. He may be the worst piece of shit ever, but if he didn’t commit the rape of which he’s now accused, then its wrong to falsely accuse Roosh no matter how horrible he is. That’s the side of truth and history I’m on, and I will always be on.

      If you are so blinded by hate that you don’t care about false accusations (whether of rape or any crime), then you’ve gotten nothing from reading SJ. Stop wasting your time immediately (though, I note, this is your first comment, suggesting that perhaps you’re not an SJ reader at all, and have written your comment only to try to pander to my vanity so that I would agree with you. If you were a reader, you would know this wasn’t going to happen).

  8. Michael Thomas

    But there seem to be also very high chances that he committed this rape and other rapes as well.

    According to Roosh own public admissions, from his Bang guides and his website:

    He’s openly confessed to raping a woman in ‘Bang Iceland’.

    “While walking to my place, I realized how drunk she was. In America, having sex with her would have been rape, since she legally couldn’t give her consent. It didn’t help matters that I was sober, but I can’t say I cared or even hesitated. I won’t rationalize my actions, but having sex is what I do.”

    Another one of his quite many admitted rapes. This one is from bang Poland:

    “I got down her bra and panties, but she kept saying, “No ! No !”
    I was so turned on by her beauty and petite figure that I told myself she’s not walking out my door without getting fucked.

    At that moment I accepted the idea of getting locked up in a Polish prison to make it happen.

    1. SHG Post author

      Odd that you didn’t use the reply button. There seems to be an epidemic of that today. But far, far worse, had you ever been a reader of SJ, you would know better than to write such a mind-numbingly stupid comment, to even attempt to argue that a rape occurred based on such nonsensical “evidence.”

      Your dishonesty is sad, but not surprising. Your effort is misguided and wasted. You haven’t hurt Roosh. Just yourself. Maybe Roosh committed rape, but you’ve only proven the depth of your hatred of him. What a shame that you’ve given him such control over you.

      1. Howard Lee

        getting so angry and emotional at all the people pointing facts that are verifiable easily by anyone in the world, means that probably you have some kind of involvement with Roosh, because you prove yourself completely blind to the facts

        Everyone is wondering why.

        The facts that Roosh repeteadly admitted in the past to raping girls, described how he raped girls,
        and hundreds of thousands of readers and followers could at any time follow his advices to rape girls… associating your name and your reputation with a self admitted rapist
        looks very sketchy SHG

  9. MJZ

    He’s obviously an “infamous misogynist,” therefore all the laws are to be used against him to crush his evil. That should be enough. Did he actually rape someone? Not important, he’s pissed off a feminist by expressing a viewpoint they don’t like and that’s enough for me. He must be punished.

    Seriously, I think this entry takes a principled stance on a unpopular issue. So glad that Mr. Randazza is handling this. The unfortunate by-product of all this vitriol directed at guys like Roosh is that real victims become trivialized as rape becomes another spammable allegation.

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