Short Take: Not Even Rednecks (Update)

The Naxos were back, another march in the hope that the media would remember that they exist and use them as a foil. After all, if a Naxo walks down the street and nobody gives a damn, do they make a sound?

White supremacists, neo-Nazis and fascists descended on a Middle Tennessee town Saturday for a “White Lives Matter” rally, striking fear into communities desperate to avoid the kind of violence that visited Charlottesville, Virginia, nearly three months ago.

But it was met with a heavy police presence and resistance from counterprotesters. A second rally planned for the afternoon in the larger college town of Murfreesboro was abruptly canceled by organizers.

When the tiki-torch bearers made headlines across the nation in Charlottesville, it galvanized the forces of truth and justice, determined to change everything because Citronellanacht was happening. Then it all kinda faded, whether because of the eight-second attention span or because it was so utterly insignificant that moderately intelligent people realized it was just a handful of flaming nutjobs seeking notoriety to justify their existence.

But here they were again, this time in Tennessee!!!

Police stood between some 200 counterprotesters and various white supremacist factions as they exchanged chants. Some white supremacists were seen throwing up Nazi salutes, while others, carrying shields and wearing helmets, chanted “White lives matter” and “Blood and soil.”

And what of this swarm of white supremacists who were about to take over America?

Mike Tubbs, an imposing former Green Beret who spent time in prison for plotting to bomb black and Jewish businesses and who was responsible for violence in Charlottesville, led the hundred or so white supremacists into their designated rally area.

And the counterprotesters made them so very sad with their mean words that a second march scheduled was canceled.

“I’m here to defend my heritage and my people against the forces of darkness,” he told HuffPost.

Counterprotesters heckled them from the other side of the street, offering free genetic testing to the so-called “master race.”

Since Tennessee is deep in deplorable country, and filled with rednecks, as Chris Seaton tells me, one would have thought that if there was any real concern stemming from the Naxos, it would show up there. They managed to turn out about “a hundred or so” nutjobs, who were ridiculed by the two hundred counterprotesters.

Could it be that while there are political differences across the country, the threat of Naxos taking over is a product of media attention, hysteria and a useful foil for those demanding that we must undermine constitutional rights lest we find ourselves in the ovens?

Just because there exists a minuscule number of crazies chanting Nazi slogans does not make them a threat to anyone. If they touch anyone, engage in violence, they should be arrested and prosecuted like anyone else. But the media attention given these fleas, thus making them appear to matter when they don’t, does nothing more than feed hysteria. Of course, that may well be the point, but it’s not a good point. Not at all.

Update: I admit, all the rednecks I know have a sense of humor and aren’t flaming nutjobs, but then, there’s always the exception to prove the rule:

I hate to be the one to have to tell you this, but redneck isn’t a race and you really need to lay off the moonshine. It’s not working for you.

8 thoughts on “Short Take: Not Even Rednecks (Update)

  1. CLS

    It’s a stretch to get the Naxos mobs to turn out even in Tennessee. In my beloved Scruffy City (which is admittedly very blue leaning and hardcore progressive), the Naxos tried to rally for a statue in the Fort Sanders neighborhood.

    Six showed up. They were outnumbered by about three hundred counter-protestors, who hurled the worst of all chants at Southerners, “Bless Your Heart.”

    Murfreesboro, while larger, is just another indicator that society, and the South, has largely moved on. This is all 100% media hubbub.

    And that nutjob on Twitter isn’t a redneck. I and my brethren disavow that sort of screeching idiocy.

    1. SHG Post author

      What struck me was how much he was like the SJWs, crying for someone to come save his pathetic ass. The thin line between snowflakes on one side and the other got a little thinner.

  2. Skink

    I’m a founding member of My Life Matters. My group is large, but we naturally march alone. No one notices. We get no media.

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