They Won’t Make It Home For Dinner

There will be more information coming, possibly between these words are written and the time it’s published. But there are two things that won’t change. A UPS driver, 27-year-old Frank Ordonez, and the as yet unidentified driver of a car stuck in traffic on Miramar Highway, won’t be coming home for dinner tonight.

(Taimy Alvarez / South Florida Sun Sentinel)

Two armed men attempted to rob a Coral Gable jewelry store. Who they were is unknown. Why they decided that robbing a jewelry store was a good idea is similarly unknown. Contrary to the fantasy rationalizations of the unduly passionate, sometimes the reason is that there are bad dudes who do bad things for bad reasons. People are funny that way, and regardless of whom these two robbers turn out to be, what they did was tragically bad, for themselves and two other human beings who won’t make it home for dinner.

Coral Gables Police Chief Ed Hudak said two armed suspects exchanged gunfire with a jewelry shop worker, with some bullets hitting city hall across the street. Footage showed multiple police officers at the scene and several evidence markers on the ground.

Shortly after the shootout, the suspects abducted a UPS driver at gunpoint and fled in the driver’s truck. The driver had been making a delivery nearby, Hudak said.

Authorities began a pursuit of the UPS truck, which sped up Interstate 75 into South Florida’s Broward County.

The UPS truck eventually stopped on Miramar Highway due to traffic. Police surrounded the truck, using stopped cars as shields as the perps started firing. Then the cops started firing. Bullets don’t discriminate.

Piro confirmed that the two suspects died, as well as the UPS driver and a bystander who was shot where the chase ended in Miramar.

From the moment police decided to approach the truck, knowing there was a hostage inside, knowing the two robbers were armed and inclined to shoot, the outcome seemed obvious. No cop was killed. No cop was shot. The same can’t be said for the UPS driver, whose body was no more resistant to bullets than the two robbers’ bodies.

And then there’s the person in the car, stopped in traffic. It’s unclear whose bullet found its way into his body, police or perp, but it’s of little consequence as he’s dead either way for the misfortune of being on the road, stopped in traffic, when the police decided it was a good time to take out these robbers and other people’s cars would protect them from harm.

There will no doubt be further investigation, critique and promises of tactical training. There will be arguments and excuses. What else could the police do once the robbers started shooting at them?

All the cops will make it home for dinner. The First Rule of Policing was enforced. A UPS driver and a guy in a car stopped in traffic won’t make it home for dinner. There is no first rule of surviving the First Rule of Policing.

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  1. Skink

    “All the cops will make it home for dinner. The First Rule of Policing was enforced. A UPS driver and a guy in a car stopped in traffic won’t make it home for dinner. There is no first rule of surviving the First Rule of Policing.”

    Scott, my friend, resist the urge to leap. There is likely a whole lot more to this. Some perspective.

    This part of the Swamp sprung virtually overnight after Hurricane Andrew literally flattened pretty much everything to the south of what was then farmland. In a seeming instant, thousands of homes were built on that land. With the homes came the usual: huge malls, strip centers and restaurants by the hundreds. That portion of Miramar Parkway is the center of the commercial/retail area, and people stream there for shopping or fun from cities near and farish. Because of the traffic, the Parkway is mostly 8 or 10 lanes. Because of the draw, traffic is heavy, not just at rush hour, but even 2 p.m.

    It wasn’t just cops in the line of fire, but probably more than a thousand innocents, including the dopes running cellphone video.

  2. Guitardave

    Scott, i think by now you and everyone here know that music is as much a part of my being as the air that i breathe. These kind of stories completely knock all the wind out of me…and when i finally inhale, it’s from a huge cloud of nothing but pure hatred for the utterly inhuman pieces of shit that look upon the greater mass of us as nothing more than cannon fodder. There is no song in existence that would not insult the feelings of the families of the innocent victims….there’s only silence and acid tears.

  3. Black Bellamy

    It’s probable that in a future that we will be around to see an inexpensive government drone will simply stun everyone in the area and they’ll wake up with a giant headache and maybe some blurry vision. On a micro scale that’s probably a good thing to hope for.

    1. zoe

      This is already possible. It’s just not used because of the litigious nature of the surviving, but inconvenienced, public.

    1. Guitardave

      Right on, Jake… in your wondrous new world members of the collective won’t mind being blown away by a stray bullet when the thought police have to shoot someone for using the wrong pronoun…and think of all the lawsuit money that the collective will save and can redirect to multi-gender bathroom construction project…looks like a win-win!

  4. Tom Donahue

    What else could they do? Do you propose that when someone shoots and the cops and flees, they should be let go? Or do you propose that if they’ve caught up to criminals, because of traffic or otherwise, and are being shot at, they should just leave? Stand there and take it?

    You asked the question, what else could they do. So answer it.

    1. SHG Post author

      “So answer it”? That’s not how questions work on this planet.

      That said, they had ample opportunity to stop the truck without killing innocents.


        Ample opportunity is an understatement. Maybe they haven’t heard of spike strips in that part of Florida. Or they could have boxed the van in and forced it to stop with their cars/SUV’s, but then that might have broken the first rule.

        If I were a betting man, I’d say that the cops were told to lay back and hope the bastards wrecked the truck.

    2. Chris Mallory

      “Stand there and take it” is what they are very well paid to do. They get the platinum benefits and early retirements because they are supposed to “stand there and take it”. But in today’s world their “safety” trumps every thing else. If they don’t want to “stand there and take it”, fine then it is time to cut pay and benefits and to make sure they don’t touch a penny of pension money until they hit age 67.

      They could have worked to evacuate the citizens trapped by the traffic jam. They could have formed a perimeter and waited the thugs out. They could have shot tear gas into the truck. But instead they thought that 19 cops firing over 200 rounds on a crowded road was a better option. We should count ourselves lucky that they only killed two innocents.

  5. Tom Donahue

    “They had ample opportunity to stop the truck without killing innocents.”

    Those stupid cops. Why don’t they ever think of that. The could have thrown their 2 ton cars against a 6+ ton truck. That would have done the trick. Or they could have blocked the 3 lane freeway, the two shoulders, and the giant field next to the freeway. Slackers.

    Once the cops did this obvious thing, then the bad guys would have totally given up and not started shooting, endangering the UPS driver.

    What happened was a tragedy, and perhaps subsequent investigation will show some of the cops had poor trigger discipline. But to say the people chasing the guys who had just been shooting at them only care about the first rule of policing is unfair. Cops who run towards gunfire obviously care about more than just going home that night.

  6. Joe

    This video seems appropriate if for nothing else it reveals the senseless nature of shooting innocent civilians.

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