Short Take: Three Lefts Make A Right

Walter Katz used to poke me for not being radical enough. He was a criminal defense lawyer, a public defender, and thought I tended to be too moderate in my views. We both argued for police and law reform, but he took a harder line than I did and he let me know it. Fair enough. Walter went on to become the independent police auditor for San Jose, and later for Chicago following the Laquan McDonald murder.

Walter was left. Now he’s not.

The Mayor of Minneapolis, former civil rights lawyer Jacob Frey, swept into office in 2018 with the blue wave of reform, ardent voice against the cops who killed George Floyd, does the walk of shame after he refuses to commit to “defund police.

Former criminal defense lawyer Larry Krasner, elected to be the progressive district attorney of Philadelphia, is now a pariah for not adhering to every demand of the orthodoxy.

Larry was the darling of progressive prosecutors. Until he wasn’t.

These are three reformers who were progressive and reform heroes. Until they weren’t. Walter, Jacob and Larry have spent their careers facing, dealing with, challenging the system and fighting to fix it. And they were appreciated, maybe even adored, for their efforts.

There are issues that require deep knowledge, understanding and experience to recognize. Instead, the mob has slogans, snark and epithets, none of which contribute anything of substance, although it appears that the unduly passionate lack the capacity to grasp that adding the adjective “transformative” before a noun isn’t actually a plan.

Yet, they are certain, to the point of constant if infantile attack, that there is nothing to discuss. And even broaching the idea of challenging their simplistic slogans is tantamount to coddling white supremacists.

It doesn’t matter if you agree with Walter, Jacob and Larry. There’s room for dispute, for questions, for challenging the means of accomplishing reforms that will work, will be sustainable and will improve life for everyone. But they can’t disagree with the mob, fail in any way to do its more radical bidding, or they will be torn off their pedestals and burned at the stake.

The old joke is that three lefts make a right. Now, they make a bonfire. All this knowledge and experience, concern and angst, maybe even too much, too radical, too extreme, isn’t enough to save them.

12 thoughts on “Short Take: Three Lefts Make A Right

  1. MarkJ

    Progs like Krasner, et. al. never learn from history. It’s Stalin v. the Old Bolsheviks all over again: no matter how much you devote your life to the Party and profess your unswerving loyalty to the leadership, it still won’t save you from denunciation by your erstwhile comrades and a date with a firing squad.

    1. SHG Post author

      “Progs like Krasner” do what they think it right. Maybe it is. Maybe it isn’t. While some pander to the mob, some just do what they do because that’s what they think is the right thing to do. The lesson of their never being woke enough for the mob isn’t a lesson for Larry, but for the mob.

      1. Hunting Guy

        Pol Pot.

        “ Since he is of no use anymore, there is no gain if he lives and no loss if he dies.“

  2. John Barleycorn

    Lets face it the “newbies” never really get along with the OG diehards, at the start of a great bonfire party anyway. Never have never will… That’s just the way it is.

    But look on the bright side esteemed one, the really neat stuff, not to mention the revelations and back stories usually don’t go down until well after the fire dies down and most of the folks have split anyway…

    You really need to get out of the house more often…. and if you can’t make it until dawn anymore, it might be time to adjust your nap schedule and start showing up a bit latter…. Don’t be sad.

  3. Raccoon Strait

    Just think, angst as a commodity. What potential. Zero cost to produce and plenty of willing consumers, and it comes in multiple flavors. There could be woke angst, supremacist angst, antifa angst, black angst, white angst, pink angst, green with envy angst, identity angst, nationality angst, barely discernible angst, over the top angst, contemptible angst, wardrobe angst, civil angst, political angst, musical angst, imagined angst, predatory angst, heritage angst, educational angst, poetic angst, coming of age angst, confused angst, religious angst, emotional angst, not sure angst, changed my mind angst, corporate angst, non-profit angst, social angst, and so on.

    I suppose maple bacon angst is a possibility, but how big a market could there be for that?

  4. Eliot J Clingman

    Ain’t gonna lie: that walk of atonement clip was pretty hot. The princess is fit!

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