The ABA Blawg 100: Old and Ugly Wins It

The ABA Journal, striving for relevance, announced its seventh Blawg 100 Beauty Pageant.  The good news is that SJ is no longer in the mix.  Whether that means the brain trust has finally tired of my musings or SJ has been put out to pasture following its inclusion last year in the inaugural Blawg 100 Hall of Fame isn’t clear. Either way, it’s gone.

The bad news is that some of the contestants still don’t get the message, and pretend this somehow makes them important in the scheme of the blawgosphere.  Now, they matter. People will be impressed with them, their words will matter.  For one young buck, he was concerned that his blawg hadn’t gotten enough votes to impress a young lady he was trying to woo. A certain judge called it “positively moronic,” and the “love me” badge sent by the ABA Journal “beyond cheesy.”

Another, for whom inclusion on this list was apparently a highlight of his legal career (enough so that it’s prominent in his twitter bio), immediately gushed how humbled he was in full Sally Field mode.

sally field you like me gif

As discussed in years past, there is good coming from this silliness, in that new blawgs are introduced to a wider audience, and bad, where people who produce excellent blawgs are inexplicably forgotten or ignored, leaving hurt feelings behind.  The lowest moment of this nonsense was when Neil Squillante at TechnoLawyer actually tried to buy a win, as if this would make him millions. TL won, with an asterisk, and never made the list again.

Had it not been for the jerks who took all of this seriously, as if people would think better of your writing and read your blawg because you were on a list, rather than wrote stuff that wasn’t monumentally stupid or boring or irrelevant or tedious or pedantic or just plain worthless, this could have been a fun, meaningless little diversion.

Yet some lawyers and law professors just couldn’t take it in stride, act like they’ve been there before, and made it out to be truly meaningful.  Guess what, guys? You didn’t win the Nobel Prize for curing cancer. You wrote a friggin blog. Get a life.

Then again, there are some who approach this with the sense of humor it deserves.

Have fun with it.  Lest there be any mistake, inclusion is meaningless, as is exclusion. If your blawg is any good, people will read it regardless of whether you include cute gifs or kitteh pics.  And if it’s not, inclusion on this list doesn’t make you an iota more worthwhile than you are on your own.  Like the legal geeks, have fun with it. If there is any purpose to this nonsense, this is it.

And whatever you do, make sure you vote for Simple Justice for best…oh, wait. Nevermind.

9 thoughts on “The ABA Blawg 100: Old and Ugly Wins It

  1. Turk

    I don’t think any of those put in their Hall of Fame last year are on the new list.

    They made room for fresh blood, for whatever it may be worth.

  2. jakee308

    Mr. Schwartz should take note that Ms. Field hasn’t won an Oscar since.

    Of course that could be for other reasons.

    Quien sabe?

    1. SHG Post author

      The weird thing is that Schwartz has a decent blog. Not of particular interest to me, but he’s well regarded. Why he would be so absurdly obsequious about such nonsense is beyond me.

  3. Kevin OKeefe

    It is what it is. Like you said, there is a positive showcasing newer blogs to a wider audience. I also see positive coming from the ABA Journal’s recognizing law blogs as worthwhile legal insight and commentary. We do have many in our profession still looking at blogs as lawyers with extra time just venting themselves.

    I don’t see the ABA 100 as covering all the best law blogs. What’s best is going to be decided by the reader. Is the blog valuable insight and information for them? If so, they’ll follow the blog, no matter whether the blog is in a contest winner or not. Especially true with niches.

    I follow your blog. The fact that you’ll not be displaying another Blawg 100 Badge on your blog will not stop me from reading it. No question that’s been a concern keeping you awake at night.

    1. SHG Post author

      Are you sure? Without a new badge, I feel so worthless. Tell me how much you still like me. Please, validate me. Or we’ll just grab a beer next time you’re in town and call it even. Either way, pal.

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