Lawyers Need Hobbies

Man does not live by law alone.  No matter how big the legal fee.  To follow in the footsteps of Brandeis, it is necessary to be a well-rounded human being, to have interests aside from the law and have an appreciation of the finer things in life.

That said, allow me to show a little something of my hobbies, the things that fascinate me when my mind is not fully occupied contemplating how to beat the unbeatable case.

As has been previously mentioned here, my primary hobby is the care and feeding of my 1964 Austin Healey MK III, 3000 (Phase 2).


As a by-product of my Healey’s rally heritage, I started collecting Heuer Rally Timers, such as this Rally Master set.


From there, I moved to the famous 1960s racing wristwatches, including this 1964 Omega Speedmaster:


And this Heuer Autavia “Jo Siffert” model.


So, just in case any reader here has any of these that are sitting dusty, unloved, unwanted in a drawer somewhere, shoot me an email.  These are the silly things that I enjoy.

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    well, If you can write 200 EUROS an hour, you must find something to do in your free time. And since you’re very rich, why not go into the collectors item business!

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