Are You a Justice Maker?

Everyone loves a contest, so why not a contest for Justice?

GENEVA, June 24 – A competition for innovations that end torture, arbitrary detainment and abuse is being announced by International Bridges to Justice (IBJ). Called JusticeMakers, the initiative launches on June 26th, the United Nations International Day in Support of Victims of Torture. The competition will award $5,000 to the eight best proposals for concrete, achievable action. JusticeMakers is open to anyone with an idea and a familiarity with his or her country’s criminal justice system.

Cash.  Justice.  What’s not to like?

This contest is run by an organization called International Bridges to Justice.

International Bridges to Justice: we are a US-registered (501 (c) (3) non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion of criminal justice in developing and transitional countries with a particular emphasis on criminal defense. Our founder and CEO is Karen I. Tse, a former Public Defender who was recently named by the US News and World Report as one of America’s Best Leaders and is going to be granted the American Bar Association Award on August 8 for her work through International Bridges to Justice.

While I am unfamiliar with this group, and can’t vouch for any winner getting paid or, for that matter, investigated by any of our fine alphabet investigative agencies for becoming involved with IBJ, bear in mind that anyone who has had the temerity to visit Simple Justice is likely to already have a folder in the J. Edgar Hoover Building, and so you might as well try your hand at Justice and win, win, win!

Anyone wishing to apply, or just check out what these guys are up to, should visit the Justice Makers website.  The contest runs through August 14, 2008.  After that, you will just have to come up with great ideas for justice for free.