Places No One Should Ever Go

When the breathalyzer showed that Jamie Lockard, 53, wasn’t above the legal limit, Lawrenceburg, Indiana, Police Officer Brian Miller wasn’t satisfied.  Odd, isn’t it, that the magic black box that conclusively proves guilt wasn’t good enough to prove innocence.  So like any good police officer who is certain that he’s right, evidence notwithstanding, Miller did what he had to do.

Lockard was taken to the hospital, strapped to a gurney, where he was held down as a nurse inserted a catheter into him to extract urine.

Apparently, this was done pursuant to a warrant, raising the curious question of what exactly Miller alleged, and what exactly the judge who signed the warrant was thinking, given the nature of this most intrusive invasion of his body in light of the breathalyzer reading.  Regardless, the end result of the urine test showed that Lockard was still under the legal limit.

Most people are painfully well aware of how successful advocacy groups like Mothers Against Drunk Driving have been in overstating the harm, and vilifying ordinary citizens, in their zeal to stop drunk driving.  But just how far is this going to go?  We’re just a heartbeat away from removing kidneys to prove that a fellow drove drunk, all evidence to the contrary notwithstanding.

As most men can attest, there are few things that one can do to a person that will induce immediate nausea and the fight reflex than insert a catheter against one’s will.  There are places where no one should go, and this is one of them.  Is there anything that Lockard could have done, or Miller could have believed, that would justify an intrusion into a body like this? 

So we’re clear on the evidentiary need, if Miller so firmly believed that his observations proved Lockard drunk, then he’s certainly permitted to offer them as testimonial evidence to make his case.  Drunk driving can be proven through testimony, as it was in the days before we had little black boxes that do mysterious and magical things, or even lengthy catheters.  Sure, it lacks the panache of scientific evidence, which no jury would ever reject since science supplants reason, but it’s perfectly viable evidence.

The catheter invasion, therefore, is merely the cop’s preference to obtain better proof than whatever it is he’s got to offer.  In other words, he wanted the test to gild the lilly, afraid that his own observations wouldn’t cut it.  And if so, the worst that would happen is that Lockard walked. 

Did these thoughts not occur to the judge who signed the warrant authorizing the forcible insertion of a catheter in a man’s penis?  A man, I might add, who the magic black box said was not intoxicated beyond the legal limit.  Do we need to add “insertion of catheter” to “tasing” on the list of things that should be done to prosecutors and judges before they trivialize the consequences of their actions?

As a society, we give an extraordinary amount of authority to a handful of people and expect them to demonstrate an iota of sound judgment before using force against us.  What we cannot allow, after the fact, is to ask over and over, what the hell were they thinking.  Does it really require much thought for this cop, or his enabling judge, to have realize that the forcible insertion of a catheter to obtain better evidence is just plain sick?

And naturally, having failed to obtain the evidence of Lockard’s drunkenness after execution of this disgusting and disgraceful conduct, they were constrained to charge him with obstruction of justice.  Maybe because he didn’t smile as they shoved the catheter into a place where no one should ever go.

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15 thoughts on “Places No One Should Ever Go

  1. Deborah

    There are medical conditions; i.e. diabetes that can alter cognition and people have been unjustly arrested for this as well. I remember a case where a diabetic was similarly situated and died in jail due to lack of medical intervention.

    Yes. Giving ‘authority’ to the boys in blue who have ‘issues’ of their own is problematic for the Public. The police are given the instant ‘credibility’ of the uniform and too often their reports and testimony are tainted due to ‘human foibles’, targeting, etc.

    I tell everyone to ‘arm’ themselves with video equipment and never leave home without it. Tape EVERYTHING no matter what and don’t ‘fear’ the threats of ‘penalties’ for taping illicity as it is the ONLY irrefutible evidence that can FREE the innocent.

  2. SHG

    You give them more credit than I do.  I find no reason to explain the officer’s conclusion against all evidence that Lockard was drunk.  He still doesn’t get to shove a cath up a man’s penis.

  3. SHG
    I’m reluctant to even consider the question without substantially greater information, though I do find this comforting.

    The rearward portion of the catheter is adapted in size to loosely receive and to loosely accommodate what would be a relatively large penis, and thus is also adapted to accommodate a wide range of penis sizes ranging from small to large. Though a one-size-fits-all scheme is contemplated, it would be well within the practice of the present invention to provide, for example, one size intended for a small to medium size penis and another size intended for a medium to large size penis.

    Ahem.  And I really hate to ask, but how exactly did you happen to come across such a patent?

  4. JRB

    Believe it or not, this subject came up last week. My friend’s father was in ICU for a while. They replaced his Foley with a reservoir tip to catch urine.

  5. Shawn McManus

    Instead of a large cash settlement, I hope the suit calls for officer Miller and the judge who issued the warrant to be fired and unseated. They also need to be stripped naked and make to walk like ducks down Main Street with appropriate number of quacks as they waddle along.

  6. Jdog

    Old joke . . .

    Lawyer: Don’t worry; they can’t put you in jail for that.

    Client: But, Counselor, I’m calling from jail.

    The story is, obviously, outrageous; the silence of the lames in response to it, even moreso — there’s nothing so outrageous that you won’t find a member of any large enough group doing, whether its cops, lawyers, Jews, women, bald guys, whatever; the question is what happens after.

    Nothing unti after the lawsuit is settled? WTF?

    Speaking from personal experience — yucko — I’ve been catherized on two occasions. The first time was while I was unconscious during surgery; not bad, and I can make the obvious jokes about inflating the Foley catheter*. The second was in an MD’s office, and while the tech was professional and highly-trained, it was, to say the least, horribly unpleasant; I’m trying to imagine what it would be like done by while shackled to a cart or wall.

    And this because a cop was embarrassed that the super-reliable-breathalcoholometergizmo didn’t give him the answer he wanted?

    * “She didn’t inflate it the way that I thought she would, but I guess that would have called for the head nurse.”

  7. SHG

    * You will be paid back for this at your next opportunity.  Caths tend to come in threes, you know.  Not so, nurses, some of whom are male.

  8. Ana

    This act is very inhuman. I can imagine the pain felt by this man while he was on that present situation. A catheter was inserted on him. How could they bear to do that unlawful act?

  9. John

    Just to let everyone know that I am now 23 however when I was 16 I was brought to the hospital for being overly intoxicated at my brothers birthday party. The hospital, I was at, forcefully catheterized me because I wasn’t able to urinate. It was, to date, the most painful and humiliating experience I have ever gone through in my life so far. This happened to me when I was 16. I have had reoccurring nightmares of the incident and just tonight, a few minutes ago, I had another flashback of the incident and I decided to call the hospital to check up on the legality of the forced catheterization. It is 1 am in where I live and the rude lady on the phone told me I would have to speak to someone tomorrow about the incident. I am so angry I can not sleep. I feel as though I was raped. The horrifying part about it, is that I feel that society is in complete acceptance of my raping. I am so enraged and I have no one to speak to, I am only happy that I have this forum to vent to. Why does society look down on the youth with such anger? We have all been young once. Why are we doing these horrible things to the children? Why don’t we understand that the oppression our children face will only be reflected back at society? I am so angry and no one cares. This injustice is so cruel and demented yet it’s horrifically carried out by our hospital system? What is wrong with us? How can the leaders of our nation let this exist? I was sixteen years old. How could I even have defended myself? The nurse who inserted the catheter was a woman. How humiliating. I am so angry and no one even tries to listen. No one is here to help me. Why could this legally happen? Does anyone know what it feels like to have a catheter rip inside of your penis? Does anyone understand the agony of the catheter balloon expanding inside of your bladder? And to then have it remain inside of you for 4 agonizing hours? What is wrong with society? What sadistic pigs are running these institutions that allow things like this to occur? Who are they? Why is this allowed? Can somebody please clarify why this is happening in our society?

  10. Nathan

    I had the exact same thing happen to me John. Except the nurse who did it to me was actually laughing at me when she did it. It was obviously against my consent but they went ahead and did it anyway and they can get away with it because I was under the influence. Just because I’m under the influence doesn’t mean I don’t know what the hell is going on. I agree 100% with everything you said, we need to stand up to these bastards. This is wrong. What kind of person catheterizes someone and thinks the pain the person is going through is funny? A sadistic pile of scum, that’s who. And hospitals allow these people to work there. This has to be stopped. There should be laws to protect people from this kind of injustice. Oh wait there are, the laws are just being broken. It’s horrifying to even think about what goes on it hospitals yet people allow it to continue and some even condone the despicable actions that occur in these horror shops. Cruel and unusual punishment occurs everyday in there yet it is written off as treatment to save your life or help you so it’s ok. I’m in the same position as you and I felt the need to finally vent it off as well. I’m just so disgusted at the treatment myself and others have received in the hospitals and I feel something needs to be done.

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