Judge Amy Juviler: Shoulda Had Kathleen Rice Disbarred

There’s no voice clearer than that of a retired judge, and former Kings County Supreme Court Justice Amy Herz Juviler’s voice comes across loud and clear in this email obtained and published at Politico.

Friends —
In considering who to vote for in the Democratic Primary, eliminate from your consideration Kathleen Rice. She appeared before me a number of times as an ADA and she was unforgettable. It was her regular duty at the time to try to convict innocent men of misdemeanors who had been accused of felonies in cases where the evidence indicated false accusation. She regularly introduced perjurious statements, unfortunately often of children who had been induced by their Mothers to accuse their Dads in divorce disputes. In one case the original arrest was of a Mother who had beaten her 15 year old. When the Mother said the reason was to induce her to accuse the Mother’s boyfriend of statutory rape, Rice switched the prosecution. The reason the Mother did so,she said, was that hitherto her daughter and she had had a wonderful relationship, but her daughter, now an adolescent,started criticizing her Mother’s dress and make-up. The mother “reasoned” that the only cause was that her daughter was a romantic rival. The date chosen by the Mother was “the only one in which the 2 were alone.” Rice actually made the innocent 60 year old defendant with an unblemished record pay a lawyer to defend him against Rice’s prosecution. She unapologetically tried the case to verdict,even after the Jury could not restrain laughter when the Mother testified.

The worst case of all was when she despicably and deliberately suppressed evidence which supported the Defendant’s theory, undermined the credibility of the emaciated young looking 17 year old complainant and suppressed the fact that in less than a year she had been arrested for 5 felonies, including attempted murder and although she was put on the stand by the ADA, she had 5 warrants for her arrest which Rice did not present her on until after the Defendant, a young hard working man with no record, was convicted. Luckily I found out before he was sentenced and dismissed the case. I should have had Rice disbarred, because even after she had been caught violating the law, she was unapologetic. If you are still unconvinced, give me a call and I can give you more details and a couple of other cases.

A bit more about Rice:  She neglected to vote for 18 years, until 2002, during which time she was a registered Republican until it served her interest to switch and ride Tom Suozzi’s coattails into office when she arrived as a carpetbagger in 2005.  According to her commercials, she wants to expand the power of the AG’s office so she can go after corrupt Albany politicians.  She has strong support from the assistants in her office, who want desperately for her to be elected to any job that will get her out of Nassau County.

My endorsement for New York State Attorney General is Eric Schneiderman, who has been a proven and consistent supporter of smart on crime, the protection of constitutional rights for all and the architect of the deconstruction of the Rockefeller drug law. 

7 thoughts on “Judge Amy Juviler: Shoulda Had Kathleen Rice Disbarred

  1. Jim Keech

    Wonderful of the judge to put the information out there, but would it be too much to ask for judges to do something about these problems while they’re still on the bench and have the power and responsibility to do so?

  2. Jack

    She absolutely should have had her disbarred. Let’s face it – Kathleen Rice isn’t fit to be an attorney, let alone the leading attorney in a major county in New York State. She has a law degree from a school so low-ranked it shouldn’t even exist, admitted to using HARD DRUGS in her 20’s, and wasn’t even involved in the political process for most of her life.

    It doesn’t surprise me that she was guilty of all these things. There are also rumors that she has been arrested, repeatedly, for drunk driving WHILE DA.

    Question is – how has she risen so far? Who supports and bankrolls her? She seems unlikable and I’m surprised she beat that nice old man Dillon.

  3. Jim Keech

    “She has a law degree from a school so low-ranked it shouldn’t even exist, admitted to using HARD DRUGS in her 20’s, and wasn’t even involved in the political process for most of her life.”

    Ummm..I have to admit, in isolation and knowing nothing of the respective candidates, those items might make me MORE inclined to vote for her.

  4. SHG

    Not everyone who used HARD DRUGS is someone you would want to hang out with.  Some went bad and became prosecutors.

  5. Suzane

    I have so much respect for you. Thank you for putting out there how dispicable Kathleen Rice has made herself. I do know from living in the area that she well exceeds her drinking limits and has no problem speeding out of a parking lot drunk..Amazing how so many people think they are above the law. I only hope that more people see this…Thanks again for showing the facts and not some type of slander.

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