Sound Familiar?

I can’t explain quite why this struck me today, but David Drumm, one of Turley’s new elves, posted this song, the Kink’s Well Respected Man from 1965,   It struck me that this was something that others who may not have been around in ’65 might want to hear.

3 thoughts on “Sound Familiar?

  1. Hull

    I’m a Kinks fan. “Dedicated Follower of Fashion” and “House in the Country” have similar themes. There are others. Davies, a smart art school satirist, could have named them all: “You Were Born an Original. Don’t Die a Copy”.

  2. Hull

    The Kinks were and are satirist rockers. “You will also like”….his brother Dave Davies’s song ‘Death of a Clown’ since you are one of the few culturally literate lawyers I know. OK, there are about 16. Didn’t mean to overstate the situation.

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