The Future of the Blawgosphere (Updated Pic!)

The past year has been a mixed bag for the criminal law blawgosphere.  Aside from the crap and crass marketing, the lunatic fringe and the pseudonymous narcissists begging everyone to look at them, there have been some truly exceptional work by young lawyers that demand recognition.

Eric L. Mayer, whose niche within a niche is the defense of members of the armed forces, has a blawg called Military Underdog.

Matt Brown, who along with partner Adrian Little, divides his time between  riding motorcycles across America and writing his blawg, Chandler Criminal Defense, about the travails of starting a criminal defense practice in Chandler, Arizona, straight out of law school.

Both Eric and Matt offer exceptional, even brilliant, writing that has the depth, thoughtfulness and understanding that commands and deserves the attention of criminal defense lawyers everywhere.  These guys are trying to feel their way through difficult times in the practice of law, but do so with integrity, humor and insight far beyond their years.
I don’t miss a post by either of these two men.  They are both on my blawgroll.  They are both on my RSS feed.  They are both writers whose words invariably impress me, make me think and make me laugh.  They are both the sort of lawyers I hope to find bringing up the rear, the future of the profession.  These are the guys who do us proud.

While both Eric and Matt have been mentioned and linked here before, and will certainly be so again, it struck me (especially after reading  Marco Randazza’s post making some hoopla on additions to his blogroll) that the mere linking and occasional mention were insufficient to attract the attention of people who should know about these guys.  Neither is on the Legal Satyricon’s blogroll.  Both should be.  If they aren’t on yours, or your RSS feed, or just your daily stroll through the blawgosphere, then mend your ways. 

So let me state this as clearly as possible:  Read everything written by Eric and Matt.  Read the  Military Underdog and Chandler Criminal Defense.  Just do it.

10 thoughts on “The Future of the Blawgosphere (Updated Pic!)

  1. SHG

    What?  You think Bennett had something to do with your makeover?  You can thank  biglegalbrain for the handiwork. 

    And while that wasn’t quite the leathers I was thinking for you, if that’s what you call “stylish” . . .

  2. Matt Brown

    Thanks, biglegalbrain! I assumed it was Bennett from his comment.

    If you saw the jackets I actually wear, you’d agree the one in the picture would be a big step up. Style is not my strong suit.

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